Your general listening voulme question (ish)


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From another thread made me wonder just what volume you all listen to your stuff at.

I tend to run about -20 for general tv, and -15 for films (or there abouts). Just personal choice and family constraints really (i.e swmbo yelling "can you turn it down a bit"), but to be honest i don`t really find the need to go louder.

So.................. what levels do you listen at?

Answers on a postcard please :D


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It really depends on time of day and who is about.

Generally before 10am and after 10pm i keep it moderatly quiet, around -30 on my amp. Between 10am and 10pm i will watch tv at about -20 and films at about -15, however if i am home alone i will watch films at between 00 and -5 which is stupid loud but the sub just begs for more and who am i to refuse :devil: . I haven't found any volume to be uncomfortable to listen at though even when really loud, i do sometimes get a bit worried about my walls etc though when the bass is going for it.

Lucklily atm we are only attached to one other house and as i work nights i listen while hes at work so there is no conflict, the only restaint i really have is the the rents. Currently looking for somewhere of my own though but my main criteria is to find somewhere i can play my system loud without disturbing others which is prooving harder that it seems, but i don't have to rush so i am sure something will pop up sooner or later. I used to live next to noisey neighbours, you no the awia stereo at max with dance music type, so i always try to be considerate and even visit neigbours to agree what is ok with them ( a few beers i find gives you extra bargaining power :D )


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I recently changed my speakers and they seem to be a little less efficient than the old floorstanders I had...or maybe I'm going deaf.:eek: I find for day to day TV programs -30 seems to be about right, but watching a TV film I nudge it up towards -20. I find that Dolby Digital DVDs seem to need about -15 (especially when watching on the PJ rather than TV for some reason). It tends to be quieter in the morning than evening, but see below to explain.:)

I was playing around today with setting up channel levels and I noticed that when I used a DVD with a DTS sound track that could be knocked back to -20 otherwise it was starting to get a bit too loud compared to the same film on DD it was -15. The DVD BTW was 'Titanic', but I've noticed this effect on others.

Luckily my son's bedroom is over the other side of the house from the living room (and he would sleep through an explosion once he's asleep:D ). Being detached is a wonderful luxury that I'm grateful for everytime I hear a blast from the sub.:thumbsup: My last house had paper thin walls and neighbours who would come round to ask us to 'turn it down' at the drop of a hat (even at 6pm whilst feeding my son when he was a it couldn't have been THAT loud:rolleyes: ).

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