Your favorite PC gaming experiences


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I started on bbc / zz spectrum then onto a 486dx2 or something = doom, c&c etc
Pretty similar to my experience growing up. Intellivision, ZX81, C64, PC XT, 386SX, 486DX2-66 (with Super VGA!)

Then a long gap with some intermittent gaming on my brother's PC, followed by Wii, and back to PC a few years ago.


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Ahh, the good ole Kung Foo Monks! :)
I do agree about Wireplay, Garion could be a bit huffy but other than that a great place!

Tigers CO here ;)
Ahhh esteemed company! ;) I do like looking back at it, but it also makes me sad that it isn't around anymore, I also remember the absolute ball ache of trying to log into the Korean servers (or maybe the German one)so it wasn't always smooth sailing :rotfl:

I remember that gaming tutor at Bolton College who was posting teasers looking like he might be creating the replacement game which got our hopes up but eventually petered out


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Wing Commander 3 - I hope Squadron 42 can be something like this when uhh it is finished

Witcher 3 - a work of Art. I never finish it so i keep coming back to this beauty. (200 hrs so far)

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