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I've never owned a camcorder before but have borrowed a Sony Hi8 from a relative so have a number of old tapes recorded this way. With the advent of a family a camcorder seems to be a 'must have' and digital is the way to go.
I want to put all my new footage onto cd's for the future and believe I have a fast enough computer to cope but will need a firewire card installing.
My reasearch shows Amazon have some excellent deals on Sony DvHi8 with the TRV140 at £299 and TRV238 at £389.
It seems the picture quality will be better on the 238 as it has 0.8mp against the 140's 0.5mp and the 238 will also play the old Hi8 tapes.

So whats my question.

Is this the best way to go ?, should I go the whole hog to a more usual digital camcorder avoiding DvHi8 and if so how can I get my old Hi8 footage on to cd's (I have some vhsc stuff as well).
How many mins worth can I put on a cd, what format is it recorded in. Will I be able to tell the difference between 0.5mp and 0.8mp?

If you've done any of this or have used the Sony equipment I'd really like your help and advice.



Copying your footage to a CD (known as VCD or video CD) will give you around 1 hour per Cd. VCD is fairly low quality and therefore you will not see much, if any, differance between a 0.5mp and 0.8mp camcorder once mastered to VCD.
Sony Digital8 is ideal if you already have Hi8 recodings.
To install a firewire card you will need at least Windows 98SE and around 1Gb of disk space per 20minutes of video. Video will be capture in native DV format. Once edited and copied to VCD it will be in MPEG1 format. You could also format the video to MPEG2 (SVCD), but will only get about 20minutes on each CD-R, but will be a much higher quality and the higher 0.8mp would be more noticeable.
To get your VHSC onto your PC you will need an analogue capture card/converter. This can work out expensive.

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