Your experience with HD-DVD rental ?


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I signed up to Tesco DVD Rental to feed my newish Toshiba HD-EP30 with more HD-DVD material - using & free trial code from

Very early days so far as only had my first 2 rented HD-DVDs but experience to date indicates to me that very hit & miss quality and wondered about any others personal experience.

Disc 1 - Shrek
- main menu broke up on first insertion, so ejected and retried
- 2nd time played movie fine but during one of the extras crashed player!
- after power off player didn't really want to know about the disc anymore
- returned HD-DVD to Tesco (LoveFilm) filling in Fault report online

Disc 2 - Bourne ID
- played for 10 mins then broke up a bit then jumped a bit and lost sound for a while
- removed and wiped disc down
- playing fine on 2nd insert, for first hour anyway (Phase 2 tonight)

I don't think it's anything specific about those titles, and my player works 100% fine with my own HD-DVDs/DVDs, so just suspect that HD-DVDs are even more susceptible than plain DVDs to 'rental issues' ie poor care/fingerprints/dust/dirt/wear&tear/postal abuse.

Is that others experience or have I just been particularly unlucky so far ?


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ive had no issues with the HD DVD rentals from them on my xbox 360 drive, i have bluray from them too and have suffered no disc issues

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Hi i have been renting hd and bluray for about six months from Tesco and have only had one problem and that was a disc turned up with a crack in it. I play my hd dvd with my 360 addon with no probs at all i think it could be your player.


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I rent BD and HDDVD from Blockbuster Online, and probably get a duff disc every other week or so. Usually a scratch that lops out about 5 minutes of a movie :mad: Once or twice have had total show stoppers, most annoying of which was over an hour into Blood Diamond which is a fantastic movie and a briliant transfer, had to wait almost two weeks for another copy to come available. Have since cancelled because I never get the discs at the top of my list.


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Yep, I'm with Lovefilm and pretty much every rental has had some issues. I've coped with them so far (eject, wipe, reinsert and wait ages for the title menu to reappear) but it's definitely annoying. Although it's nice to have a toilet break halfway through!

The worst offender was World Trade Center. Stopped all the time. Mind you, the film itself is BAD.


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Update: Well the Bourne Identity disc played through to the end without a single glitch and many of the Extras played fine, but two of them broke up and one crashed the player (well I waited about a minute and nothing worked).

Have to say Tesco/LoveFilm very prompt at "replacing" first faulty disc - got Babel through this morning. It had a ring of blue dust/fluff around the spindle hole - so one design of HD-DVD player sucks there - literally lol :)

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