Your DNS servers can not resolve - HELP


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Im fairly good with computers, and have set up my xbox, for years now it has worked on xbox live no problem, i have a unique ip, dns settings from ipconfig etc.

My dad has been turning the router off overnight, and i turned it back on today,
to find the wireless network on my laptop is down, so i have to use an ethernet cable ( the one which usually plugs into my laptop, and i can go on fine on the computer.

When i put the ethernet cable into the xbox, it says that my dns servers cannot resolve or the xbox live servers..

any help appreciated, thanks



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ISP DNS is rubbish and unreliable in most cases. I've been using OpenDNS for years (OpenDNS | DNS-Based Web Security) they're much better.

Just set as your Primary DNS on the 360 and you'll be fine.

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Tell your Dad to stop turning the router off overnight! They aren't really designed to be turned off and on repeatedly. If they were, they'd have a standby mode like other appliances that are designed to be power cycled regularly, i.e TV's, Hi-FI's, Sky box etc....
Also, I'm curious as to why you have a static IP on your xbox? There is no real need for this in your situation, just set the xbox to automatic, and you may (or may not!) find that this helps your problem (I might be wrong, as I'm not really a router guru!)


Log into the router settings via a web browser and make sure that wireless isn't turned off. A few weeks ago, we had a power cut here and when the power came back on, none of my devices would connect wirelessly and when I looked at the router settings the "Enable wireless" checkbox was unticked for some reason. Don't tinker with other settings though if the 360 worked fine before and none of your settings have changed.

If it's not that, then turn everything off and reboot it again. Let the modem fully boot up first, then turn on the router and wait for the lights to settle down, then turn on the PC.

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