Your best image of 2006


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So, the year is nearly done and a lot of people on this here forum have posted some fantastic images.

Lets collect them all on one thread.

Post your one favorite image of 2006.


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Well, my favourite I took this year has to be this one. It's my sister getting married and I caught them in this fantastic moment. I'd only had my D50 a few weeks and was really pleased how this came out.



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This is probably my favorite of 2006.

Taken at The Wychwood Festival in June, this is an image of Rennie Sparks form The Handsome Family. My favorite for the following reasons 1) I love the Handsome Family 2) I like the lighting

Some of my more recent shots, particularly some of the ones from yesterday were contenders but this wins for me overall. I'm so glad i've stopped bordering all of my images now, I think the border spoils this shot but the subject is still tops for me.

Clickable image leading to the Flickr photo page.



Still learning the ropes, but out of all my standard shots the Macro spider I shot in September has to be my own personal best this year.
I now have a better choice of lenses so hope to improve 100% (which should not be too hard) :)



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Dunno about best but this is my favourite image of 2006.

It has been my PC wallpaper since Easter.

This was taken with my 9 year old Canon EOS 50E 35mm (Fuji Superia 400 ISO film I think) before I went digital, so don't expect the same jawdropping sharpness you get from a dSLR - the scan of the neg is only 1839x1231 pixels.

The 50E is pretty much retired now except I do want to shoot B&W film and scan it in.

Argentina side of Iguassu Falls


It brings back many happy memories :)


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I think this is mine. It brings back memories of when it was warm enough to walk on the beach in just your t shirt.



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Well, my favourite I took this year has to be this one. It's my sister getting married and I caught them in this fantastic moment. I'd only had my D50 a few weeks and was really pleased how this came out.


well mindcrime i hope they kept that photo and framed it, as it is a truly cracking shot and looks very professional :thumbsup:


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Some crackers so far :thumbsup:
I hadn't seen that one of yours before Steve. As you said, great lighting :smashin:
This one is my favourite. I took this last June while in Bruges. It had been raining all day which put me in a pretty bad mood as I was hoping to take loads of pics. It cleared up just as dusk was setting in and allowed me to get this shot of one of the canals :)



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not sure if this was one i my best, as i'm not so sure i have any best :D
but i did like this one, was taken with my old panny FZ20.



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2 from me:

This one as a personal shot, simply because I love the pose Jess has, and I got so lucky with the lighting:


This one as a professional shot - again the lighting, and because it speaks volumes about the attention to detail on the day itself:



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Radiohead: I remember your first one from when you posted it... it's a really lovely moment. You could spend hours trying to set up a shot like that and never get it.

The skill is in first spotting the moment, then having being able to capture it in just the right way.



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Great idea for a thread Steve. Great shots all but my favs so far are:

Radiohead - your shot of Jess is simply stunning. The expression you have captured is mesmerising, her eyes are kind of spooky in a way, and the lighting is perfect for the pose.

Liquid - If I remember right you entered that shot in a comp? As Radiohead said, the little fella really makes this shot, another great pose caught at the right moment. The texture in the sand is fantastic too.

Tontoshorse - you should play the lottery if you pull out flukes like that! The way the shot is framed is perfect and the B&W really works well. I hope you have this printed on a canvas and hung somewhere.

Flickr stats tell me that this is my best (or most interesting) shot, and I think I agree. Taken before I ventured into the world of DSLR :rolleyes: The Bull Ring, of course.



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What a year (or 6 months) it's been since getting my first DSLR. I think my favourite so far is this one - taken on a foggy morning outside Clare college in Cambridge


One thing I have to say though is a massive thanks to everyone in here, especially those who are always so helpful in answering technical questions, giving critqiue or just commenting on the photographer. Having been a member of a number of forums over the years I really do think we (AVF) have something special here and long may it continue.

Really looking forward to meeting some of you guys in Brum in Feb.

Merry Chrimbo to you and yours.


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