Young Marble Giants anyone ??


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ......as if anyone would know them :rolleyes:

Still, if your interested the album Colossal Youth is worth a spin.

Imagine a female vocalist along the lines of Massive Attack, a choppy, almost reggae guitar sound, but more angular. Fantastic bass guitar work and the odd flash of keyboards.

This is stripped down , minimalist post-punk, stripped right down. Its not fast paced, but there is certainly an art rock feel, very airy and spacious. Sort of Portishead without all the loops and keyboards.

When you listen to how little the instruments are contributing to the sound, its amazing that there is a tune at all, they provide a framework which allows you to draw a musical line within your mind, a bit like an optical illusion. Try listening to any one of the instruments individually and the bafflement grows.

It could be considered 'twee' pop, like Belle and Sebastian, but I dont think it quite fits into that category. More like The Raincoats (bet you dont know them either :rolleyes: )
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