You Were Never Really Here Blu-ray Review & Comments

Jim Di Griz

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Thanks for the review Cas. Definitely whetted my appetite for this one but if it gets even close to Taxi Driver I will be happy.


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Thanks for another Great Review, Cas. Definitely got me interested!


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This sounds like a Hidden gem!

Am I going to be as impressed as I was with cold in July though? That film is a firm favourite of mine, came from absolutely nowhere!

Thanks for the review Cas, I will add this to my list (just got the MI 4K set today after your reviews :) )


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It should be right up my street,but i didnt like it at all.Way too aloof,hinted and recycled.Maybe it is like most of the movies it takes inspiration from in the love or hate viewer's response.

Jessica Noir

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Caught it at the cinema when it was released and while I thought it was a very good film, the images, tone and soundtrack have been on my mind ever since. Having it percolated through my mind so much, it's now a very strong contender for best film I've seen so far this year.

No spoilers, but the handholding scene was one of the most unexpectedly emotional scenes in a good while. Really hope Ramsey gets to make more films. She's only directed four films and three of them (Ratcatcher, We Need to Talk About Kevin and this) are stone-cold classics.


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Watched this over the weekend. I liked the pacing and there was some genuinely interesting and original film making here. Like Jessica Noir said the handholding scene was particularly memorable. Overall I did find the film a little too emotionally detached possibly because of the almost total lack of dialogue.
Its thought provoking and my 7/10 now may get better as time goes by.


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I was looking forward to watching this, but like some others have posted, I thought it was rubbish. I thought both video and dialogue were very hard to follow.


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Just got around to watching this and thought it was brilliantly done. Everything shone about it.

Pity the Blu-rays are lazy when it comes to extras but the price has dropped to £7.49 on HMV here (as usual the pathetic Amazon have 'price matched').

I prefer the Spanish cover:


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