You wanted colour

Simian Sibling

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To say I have learn't something new this month in an understatement!

I know its a bit 'in your face' but you can't deny it's colourful......

you asked for colour.jpg


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Interesting take on the theme for sure - way too much foreground for me though (I personally might have cropped the cobbles out completely I think) and you should have leveled the shot I think :)


Simian Sibling

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I did think about cropping out the cobbles out but decided to leave them in to give a kind of 'drive way' effect and yes I know it's had a few......


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I like the foreground, just need to see the image all at once for it to be a full effect. Yes, there certainly is COLOUR with capital letters :D It might be a bit over the top, but it sure POPs like heck ;)


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I would have been tempted to crop out half way up the cobbles, it's a bit "half and half" composition wise.

Also, don't know if you are using lightroom, but there is a little "wonkiness" in the image which the Auto align option or using the controls may have corrected.

I'm assuming you've "created" those colours rather than them being inherent in the scene?

Quite liking the in-your-faceness though :)

Simian Sibling

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I've just been messing around with photo shop on their 30 day free trial and if I'm honest I probably only know about 5% on it. Wouldn't even know where to look for the auto correct but I did know it was slightly wonky.

As for the picture, it's the door to Westminster abbey taken at london lumiere so the colours were projected on to it. The whole thing (Westminster) was amazing!

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