You guys like Imax dvds??



I was just wondering how many of you like those IMAX movies on your home theater setups...I got my big screen dlp projector and hooked it up with a nice custom-built surround sound system back in I wanted to get some BIG SCREEN dvds that would show off the amazing picture size and immersive sounds so I figured IMAX dvds would be just right. I got the "Adventures in Wild California" dvd which I think is a really good IMAX doesn't drag, it has lots of different locations, lots of helicopter shots, good music, and I think it's just one of the best IMAX movies I've seen...problem is that everytime I try to show my home-theater off with this dvd my girlfriend always tells me that nobody wants to watch that and it's usually true when I put it in because other people don't seem to be as impressed with I the only one who enjoys the IMAX dvds on my big screen?? I love the big sweeping shots, the massive DTS sound, the big huge pictures...I have tried a few other IMAX dvds such as "Amazon" (which I thought had an AMAZING picture and sound but the movie kind of dragged for me), "Coral Reef Adventure" (same thing with pretty nice visuals and music but they just kept going on about saving the coral reefs), and "Speed" (which probably was cool back in the 80s but I want up-to-date first-person POV shots)...but does anybody know of any other IMAX movies that are simular to the "Wild California" dvd as far as lots of different locations and lots of helicopter shots high up in the sky?? I really enjoy sitting down and watching this dvd...the shots are BIG and MASSIVE, the sound takes full advantage of all the surround speakers and lots of big SUB-BASS for every thump and sound in the movie, and there's lots of different locations so it doesn't get boring (at least to me but it seems like nobody else likes IMAX)...I enjoy a good movie and some exciting X-Box action on the projector as well but there's nothing quite like the IMAX experience...what are YOUR thoughts on IMAX for home theaters??


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I've got a couple of imax dvds. One of them has a high def version on the second disc, which looks amazing.To be honest I didn't find the transfers on the standard dvds hold up that well on a big screen.

If you're a fan of visuals/landscape stuff, I'd highly recommend :


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