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Good evening AVF

Yorkshire AV are an independent HiFi and Home Cinema store based in a quiet village in North Yorkshire.
Our retail operation is now 18 months old (we started literally weeks before the pandemic was announced.... the joys!) and our showroom officially opened in December last year, with our first visitor arriving once lockdown had come to an end.

A husband, wife and enthusiastic/qualified friends (our average age is 32!) run our business day to day - we're only a small team but we're passionate, knowledgeable and bring something a little different to HiFi and AV.

Our showroom / demo rooms are based in a cool 350 year old barn based on a farming industrial estate. We're surrounded by a luxury car dealer, tractors and beautiful Yorkshire fields.

We currently have somewhere in the region of 30+ quality brands that we are retailers/installers of but this list is slowly growing as we plough every bit of profit back into new products, stock and establishing ourselves better in the area. Coming to AVF was a big commitment for us (financially) but we're delighted to be here and looking forward to showcasing some of our solutions for our customers, our rack builds (i.e. what are we playing with this week), passing on product knowledge, advice and sales support if required.

We do offer installation (it's our background) including custom install (we are an ELAN agent, Monitor Audio, Lithe Audio, DALI etc) but often undertake design work (product, placement, configuration) on behalf of customers that need that extra bit of support.

We rarely get people just walking in given our location - most appointments we make last 2-3 hours where we go through soup-to-nuts the setups and options and spend a lot of time analysing the difference components make in systems. I like to feel like we bring some education (in a friendly way), a lot of hands on time and confidence to our customers.

Our cinema showroom currently features a DALI Phantom 16 channel cinema room, complete with SONY native 4K projection, 130" screen and an ELAN control system. It's powered by an Emotiva XMC-2 and an XPA-11 Gen3 and soon a new model DR3.

In this room we have a number of subs to try out from SVS (SB1000Pro, SB3000, SB3000 Micro, SB4000m PB2000), REL (T/x range, S/510, S/812, Carbon Special, HT/1508), Monitor Audio Silver W10 and Gold W12. Each sub setup has it's own DIRAC configuration so we can demonstrate the best it can be.

Our 2 channel demo space currently has a HiFi Racks LTD (we LOVE their stuff) podium reference rack that's forever changing. Currently it's got a HiFi Rose RS150b, Primare I35 and CD35 Prisma in there running with ELAC VELA floor standers but given we have approx 30 pairs of speakers out on display, this can quickly be modified to suit!

We're just in the process of building another room within the space, to be a multi-functional area. Namely it's going hopefully be a JBL Synthesis room, AT materials, light rejection and perhaps UST (with a drop down 120" screen) and then a 2 channel space for the rest of the time.

We are stockists of (and in brackets - what's out and available to demo) of the below as our main products.

  • Astell&Kern (SE180, SE200, Kann Alpha, SR25's all out on display)
  • audiolab (6000 series, 8300 series including MB's and XP)
  • audioquest
  • Bluesound (Power Node, Node)
  • DALI (Oberon, Opticon MK2, Phantom series)
  • ELAC (VELA, Solano)
  • Emotiva (XMC2)
  • FOCAL (headphones - all)
  • Goldring
  • Grado (Statement series, Prestige series)
  • Klipsch (lifestyle products plus 2 x soundbars)
  • HiFi Racks (podium reference, podium slimline, podium platform)
  • HiFi Rose (RS150, RS250, RS201e)
  • isoAcoustics (all speaker isolation, turntable isolation)
  • iFi Audio (ZEN range, ZEN signature)
  • Leak (Stereo130, CDT)
  • Leema Acoustics (Elements and QASAR)
  • Lehmann Audio (Black Cube II)
  • Meze Audio (Classic 99, 99-Neo, IEM)
  • Monitor Audio (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Ortofon (2M and Quintet)
  • Primare* (just coming online now - will have i15, i35 and associated CD units etc)
  • Pro-Ject Audio (T1, RPM3, RPM5, X1, X2, Classic Evo) plus many electronics
  • Pulse Eight
  • Q Acoustics (Elite Dealer, Concept 300, Concept 500)
  • QED
  • REL (as mentioned above)
  • ROKSAN (Attessa range)
  • solidsteel (racks and SS stands)
  • SVS (as mentioned above)
  • System Audio
  • Wharfedale (Evo, Diamond 12, Heritage)
  • Yamaha* AVR/Stereo (just awaiting our first stock run - we're a new dealer that's just coming online)
We try our best to keep a reasonable level of stock for an "amazon" type service, but we're small and some times we do need to order items in. We're efficient however and get things turned around usually within a day.

We do stock items such as the HiFi Racks Podium Reference racks (Oak and Walnut - 4 tiers with isolation plinths, headphone stands and turntable wall mounts etc) as the lead time for those products is long at the moment (8-10 weeks). Again - everything is out on display - we actively encourage coming and having a play so that you're comfortable with what you're buying and validate/challenge reviews that you've read etc :)

We do have bundle packages but like most hifi stores, if there's a bundle you want, just let us know and we'll work you out a package price.
We use DPD for deliveries across the UK but often send out staff in the van to deliver and help setup if required.

We'll update this thread with offers, discount codes (new users to our site get a 5% discount once signing up to our monthly newsletter), bundles, supplier offers, deals etc etc but please do DM us with queries and we'll happily come back to you.

A couple of pics of some of the scenes at the store :)

Until next time - stay safe and look forward to speaking with you soon!

Lee & the team @ www.yorkshireav.co.uk / 01757 826111












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I’ve purchased QED cables from Yorkshire AV recently. Straight forward easy to deal and a smooth transition from online purchase to delivery.

good luck with your new venture 👍🏽

Yorkshire AV

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We hope everyone is having a great Bank Holiday weekend.
It's a little grey up north and no sign of the sun coming out anytime soon!

We've had a 5% discount code running this weekend. 5% off ANY product on the site when using code 'YORKS-SEPT21'.

Advance warning: Pro-Ject Audio prices are going up on the 1st September.

Turntables are going up by £20 (T1 series) and up to £150 (X2 series).

Accessories for turntables are increasing too - approx 10% across the board almost.

Similarly - S2 and DS2 electronics are increasing - £20 across the S2 range on average and £50 on the DS2.

Semi-conductor shortages as well as raw material costs seemingly driving this increase (as well as logistics charges).

If you were interested in a turntable, get your orders in before midnight before the pricing changes.

We've just created the new bundles of the 7th Generation Monitor Audio Silver series.

MA_Silver_200AV_Black-Gloss 4700.jpg

The Silver 200 7G Cinema 5.1 and Silver 300 7G Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 packages with Denon and Marantz amps are now listed. Delivery will start once stock is released in a couple of weeks' time.

If you are looking at packages - don't feel restricted to what is on the site. Fancy an SVS sub instead of the range unit? No problem! We'll happily create you a bespoke package with different units as required. Similarly with REL units.

Just DM us on here or via the website and get your request in. If you're fancying a pre-power setup, we can do fantastic deals with custom-install speakers (DALI, Monitor Audio, ELAC etc) with the Emotiva range too.

If you're just getting into HiFi - check out our HiFi Rose RS201e integrated amplifier, DAC and streamer packages here:


We have systems with:

Monitor Audio Gold 100
ELAC Vela BS403
ELAC Solano BS283
DALI Opticon 1 MK2

All come with a FREE set of QED XT40i speaker cables (2m pair) whilst stocks last.

And finally.... clearance section!

We have a couple of units of the Monitor Audio Silver 6G available:

New boxed Silver 200 in Walnut, New Boxed Silver 50 in Satin White and our ex demo C350 in Satin White (boxed).

A open-box Bluesound Pulse Sub+ and some ex-demo audiolab power amps (8300XP x 1 and 8300MB x 2).

See what's on offer here: Clearance

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Monitor Audio Silver 6G - last remaining stock items must go

Good morning all

We have a few items remaining that must go. These are AVF special prices - not available anywhere else. All prices include delivery with DPD. Collection is welcome!

We have:

Silver 200 (brand new, sealed units) in Walnut. SRP £999, now £750
Silver C350 (ex-display - perfect condition) in Satin White. SRP £575, now £450
Silver 50 (brand new, sealed units) in Satin White. SRP £499, now £375

Prices are not available online. Please DM me or call to purchase (01757 826111).

Ex Demo Stock Clearout

Q Acoustics Concept 40 speakers in gloss white - lightly used, unmarked, fully boxed. SRP £699 (down from £999). Yours for £600

REL T/9i RED Limited Edition subwoofer - lightly used, some minor swirls on the top plate. Floorless sound output. SRP £1199. Yours for £800

Q Acoustics Q Active 200 (black) with stands. SRP £1848. Yours for £1399


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I called in over the weekend to buy a new subwoofer. Even my wife, who hates being dragged along to Hi-Fi shops, enjoyed the visit! Probably the highest praise you can receive!
Thanks to Lee for his friendly help, we look forward to visiting again for our next upgrade purchase.

Yorkshire AV

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I called in over the weekend to buy a new subwoofer. Even my wife, who hates being dragged along to Hi-Fi shops, enjoyed the visit! Probably the highest praise you can receive!
Thanks to Lee for his friendly help, we look forward to visiting again for our next upgrade purchase.

Thank you both for coming over and I'm glad you got the thumbs up from your wife!
I look forwarding to demoing the ELAC speakers with you in due course - enjoy the Gold W12!

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Good evening everyone

Hope you're all keeping well!

Just a couple of updates (new products and ranges) as well as a new service we're offering:

We're now officially Primare dealers.
In our showroom we have to demo:

SC15 Prisma
CD35 Prisma
R35 Phono Pre Amp

Our headphone demo section is now furnished with Grado SRx series, Reference and Statement headphones, Meze Audio and FOCAL (Elegia, Celestee, Clear MG and Stellia) and some great electronics including the Benchmark DAC3 HGC and HPA4.

We're also exploring MOFI turntables and accessories at the moment.

If we can help in any way, please feel free to drop us a message.

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Good afternoon!

Our home cinema demo room has had a bit of a facelift this week, with us completing our acoustic treatment and wall fabric system.

The results are stunning - we had 2 customers in this morning for demo's, both (along with their partners) have had sign-off to go ahead with this beautiful aesthetic, each with different audio solutions behind.

If you're ever wanting to come and listen to a DALI Phantom M series / E series and H series setup, we have a 16 channel demo room at your disposal.

We have subs from REL and SVS in store too that we can switch out easily - everything from the SB-1000 Pro right up to the SB-4000 is in store and the REL T/x, HT and Seri S (up to S/812) are all in store too.

If you're in the market for a fabric wall and acoustic treatment system - feel free to drop us a DM. We have a range of ISO certified AT fabrics that are all fire retardant, perfect for this environment as well as varying carbon foam densities for sound management.

We're a retailer as well as an installer - so can assist with your own packages for DIY install. We'll also price match any quotes on Monitor Audio, DALI and ELAC in-wall systems from authorised retailers.

Next week our showroom is closed Tuesday - Thursday as the builders are in as we create another demo room. This time, we're creating a "living room" with ELAC Vertex 3 in-wall / in-ceiling speakers (5.1.4), a single feature fabric wall with a Samsung QLED Neo 75" and beautiful AV furniture from Munari.
This new feature room will be completed by mid-end October all being well. We're looking to create a family friendly, normal living room that caters for in-wall products but will also support free standing packages such as the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages from Monitor Audio, DALI Oberon and Opticon MK2, ELAC Solano and Vela plus many many others as required.

We look forward to helping you soon :)



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Wow that looks great, id love to know more about the wall etc? Ill google the phantoms…theyre exactly what im looking for i wish you was closer!! Pm me if you can please
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Wow that looks great, id love to know more about the wall etc? Ill google the phantoms

We are running:

M-375 LCR: DALI PHANTOM M-375 LCR In-Wall Speaker
E-80 ATMOS (soon going 6 channel ATMOS): DALI Phantom E-80 In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
H-80 Rear/Surround: DALI Phantom H-80 In Wall Speakers (Pair)

Details on the fabric wall (swatches) is here: Fabric Walls for Home Cinemas

It can go direct to existing walls with our track system, using 18mm profiles. We install acoustic foam to the wall where needed and cover with the fabric system. All speakers fire through with minimal (less than1 db) loss.

Alternatively, as we do in customer living rooms - we can build a 4x2 stud wall out, install in-wall speakers to panels on the frame and then wrap in fabric. No drilling/cutting into the existing walls required :)

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Now w
We are running:

M-375 LCR: DALI PHANTOM M-375 LCR In-Wall Speaker
E-80 ATMOS (soon going 6 channel ATMOS): DALI Phantom E-80 In Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
H-80 Rear/Surround: DALI Phantom H-80 In Wall Speakers (Pair)

Details on the fabric wall (swatches) is here: Fabric Walls for Home Cinemas

It can go direct to existing walls with our track system, using 18mm profiles. We install acoustic foam to the wall where needed and cover with the fabric system. All speakers fire through with minimal (less than1 db) loss.

Alternatively, as we do in customer living rooms - we can build a 4x2 stud wall out, install in-wall speakers to panels on the frame and then wrap in fabric. No drilling/cutting into the existing walls required :)
Now youre talking! I was looking at the s range?

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S series is really special! The Rubicon equivalent in-wall.

DALI Phantom M and S series are here.

The next iteration of this room will feature S-280 LCR, S-80 surround/rear with likely S-180 wide fronts.

Happy to assist though if you're wanting any support/advice on the DALI stuff. I don't think there are many of the Phantom demo rooms around :)
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Good morning!

We’ve just started receiving the new Monitor Audio Silver 7G series speakers in (demo stock). If you’re in the area, pop on in for a listen :) they’re an altogether different Monitor Audio sonically. An evolution of what was already incredibly popular - the new 7G sounds much more grown up :)

We also have the MOFI StudioDeck and UltraDeck out to demo too in addition to the complete range of Pro-Ject turntables.

You may also have seen the new Q Acoustics announcement on the Concept series? Our demo stock arrives next week (full 5.1 system) - contact us to arrange a demo.

Our new two channel “living room” is almost complete - the walls are up and acoustically treated, just awaiting the ceiling in the next week or two and that’ll be our final demo room up and running!





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We have a brand new (sealed box) HiFi Racks solid oak podium reference rack available for immediate dispatch.

4 Tier Podium Reference Solid Oak Satin Finish 595x400mm
Matching Legs: 80, 200, 85, 85mm Stainless Steel Spikes; Stainless Steel Floor Protectors
Top 22mm Isolation Plinth Solid Oak Satin Finish 595x400mm

SRP: £931.89 (and a 6-8 week lead time)
save 10% - yours for £838.70

Collection welcome - shipping due to its weight will be £40.00

Pretty much the same as one of our demo racks here :)



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We've recently received the DALI Equi HDMI module and VOKAL C speaker to add to our existing DALI Oberon 7C setup. We now have the ability to demonstrate a "wireless" (just add power!) DALI Oberon Equi 5.1 system utilising eARC from our Samsung TV.

Perfect for adding to your existing Oberon C setups with the DALI Sound Hub or for customers wanting to avoid the AVR route of surround sound.

Capable of decoding Dolby Digital 7.1 and DTS - this is an easy to use, easy to setup surround sound platform with the DALI pedigree we all know and love.

Feel free to DM with any questions and/or queries or to book a demo :)

For info - the DALI Oberon Vokal C is priced at £599:

The HDMI module is priced at £339:




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Open Box SVS SB-4000 (Black Gloss) offer.

SRP £2049, yours for £1849 plus £25 delivery.

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Earlier this year we decided to build another dedicated listening space in our showroom - focussing on a living room type setup (4.5m wide x 5.8m deep) without loads of acoustic treatments. We wanted the products to sound just like they would in a normal living room.

We ended up building a timber framed room with plasterboard and then fabric covering (no treatments - just aesthetics).

We did reach out to ELAC to talk about bringing their new Vertex 3 series speakers into this demo room to showcase a discrete install for a living room as well as having the option of bringing floor based units into the room two for other packages too. They were happy to support us and today we received our first batch of speakers!

We're going with the IW-VJ63-M for the LCR (not pictured here), IW-V63-S for the surrounds and the IW-VJT63-W in-ceiling for the 4 channel ATMOS. I am personally a big fan of the JET5 ribbon and keen to hear how these will integrated into the room!

We've just had the ceiling put up and insulated and second fix electrics complete. Just a lick of paint and some more material for the left wall that's due at the end of the month but the room for all intents and purposes is ready for use (and is being used!).


Another pic from the room as it's setup for a demo tomorrow of the brilliant Wharfedale Lintons, the MOFI StudioDeck turntable and a Pro-Ject X2.
We've also had delivered our new Munari furniture from Italy. The AV cabinet weighs in at over 120kg - has IR pass through on the left hand side of the front panel (which drops down on heavy duty struts), it has integrated LED lighting, integrated sockets and rear panels that act as vents and can support 100mm fans if you wanted to mount them. Totally customisable - this is 152cm wide x 50cm deep and currently houses out integrated amps, streamers, CD's and phono stages but soon will house several Yamaha AVR's!

Take a look at the website here: let me know if we can help in any way. Lead times are generally 3-4 weeks from Italy and they're delivered fully assembled.

Also featured here is the matching coffee table.


And finally - as we continue to invest, the DALI Rubicon have landed at Yorkshire AV and have been put through their paces this week. A customer brought their own amplifier and CD player and sampled (over 3 hours) the Q Acoustics Concept 500, the Rubicon 6 and the ELAC VELA.

Let me know if you'd like to do a demo - we're open Tuesday - Saturday 9-5 and open until 8pm on a thursday.


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Now in store: Q Acoustics Concept 30 and Concept 90 speakers.
The bigger Concept 50 are in store tomorrow.

If you're wanting a demo, please contact the office or drop us a DM on here :) We have a busy week planned but do have some slots available :)




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Your wesbite and showroom looks great!

Will you be doing any Black Friday type deals like earlier in the thread?

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Thank you @holiver!

Yes - we have a few promotions ready to launch 😉

We’ll update the thread with them in due course as well as subscribers to our newsletter :)

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Now in stock - the Yamaha RV-A4A 7.2 channel AV Receivers

Only a couple but available for immediate dispatch / collection.

We also have taken delivery of the Wharfedale Lintons and the stands which we ordered in for a customer who has since moved onto a different set of speakers.

Available for immediate dispatch.

Don't forget to sign up to get 5% off your first order over £150 :)
Details on the website - look for the floating red "Offer" sign.

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