Yet another Which NAS? question


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Hi everyone,

I'm slightly loathe to post another Which NAS question on here but I'll freely admit I'm a little overwhelmed by the information both here and elsewhere.

I have quite a strict list of requirements so I'd be grateful if anyone who has a similar set-up could let me know what they are using.

If I can't find a NAS that will do all this stuff then I'll probably build a Linux box but I'm attracted to the convenience of a NAS. In summary, I'm looking for:

- 2 drive bays with RAID support
- the ability to stream a library of music in FLAC format to a squeezebox client
- the ability to transcode FLAC into MP3 or another suitable format on the fly and stream to devices that don't support FLAC
- the ability to stream video to a Samsung DLNA compatible TV
- the ability to automatically back-up/image a PC and Mac
- remote access to files over the web

I'm not actually sure that all this is even possible on a humble 2 bay NAS? As you may have guessed I'm a little rusty in this area.



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- 2-bay high performance model with 512MB of RAM, handy if running extra apps on the NAS.
- Squeezebox server package.
- Flac transcode is down to the media server, the stock Twonky server may have it but I'm not a 100% sure, Serviio does and it is a far better DLNA server (Serviio package for QNAP).
- Down to the media server, not a problem for Twonky or Serviio (Serviio recommended).
- Netback Replicator software for PC's and Timemachine supported for Mac's.
- Remote access, easiest is MyCloud NAS service.

Try the Live demo to see some of the settings.


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