yet another "which is the best laptop?"


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Hi all,

Im stuck between a laptop with i5, and a laptop with i7 for the same price. However, there is a lesser graphics card in the i7:

Samsung NP-RF511-S03UK Laptop, Blu-ray, Intel Core i5, 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 750GB with 15.6", Silver

has a nvidia gt540m


Toshiba Satellite L775-1GJ Laptop, Blu-ray, Intel Core i7, 2.2GHz, 6GB RAM, 640GB, 15.6", Silver

has a nvidia gt525m

For gaming.. i cant tell if the i5 and the good graphics card, or the i7 and the slightly worse graphics card would be best!

I have the first one in abox next to me..and they are both the same price.

lend me your wisdom please:hiya:, which would you choose?
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What games are you looking to play, some games rely on a better processor while others need better graphics...


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I guess it is a question of the gap between the two graphics cards, and whether or not it is made up by the performance difference between i5 and i7.

Bf3, fallout 3, baldur's gate, oblivion, nwn2, nwn, COD(the new one). RPG'ing and FPS'ing casually, as i have a desktop that I use for ultra high graphics settings on BF3.

Ill also use the laptop for blu-rays, dvd's, watching iplayer, 4od and browsing the net, oh and browsing AVForums!


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I'd take the bump up in Graphics over the CPU based on your list of games. Both will be able to handle the games you want, but you'll be able to push the graphics a little more with the 540m.
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