Yet another what sub-woofer question


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I upgraded my av system over Christmas to Marantz SR6003 paired with Monitor Audio RS6, RSLCR, RSFX's and have been very happy with the sound. The visuals are provided by either an Hitachi 9700 plasma or Sanyo Z2000 throwing onto a 92" screen with the PS3 and Sky HD as the source.

Now my mind is turning to subwoofers and my initial thoughts were to go with the matching RSW12 (can get for £600ish). However, I am not sure if that is the best option at that price.

The room is 18ft x 12ft and I would struggle (without a serious rearrangement) to get in anything with a much larger footprint.

I have checked out Index to Subwoofer Tests by Manufacturer/Model - DVD Plaza Forums for the response curves of different models but they do not list the RSW12 (only the BRW10).

I reckon that the mix is 70% TV/Movies/Gaming and 30% music.

The only wife friendly criteria is that is must produce a good quality sound (?!?!) and be black!

Any suggestions?


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A BK Monolith would be much better value - but probably too big - Their XLS300 would probably fit your requirements better - alternatively look at the SVS power buy threads in this forum - sounds like the SB12 or PC12-NSD might fit (note the latter is a cylinder).

Key thing to decide is do you want a closed or ported design as they have quite different characteristics - generally closed = tighter/faster sound, ported = lower but more 'relaxed' sound - difficult to get over unless you've heard both.


If I was in the market for a new sub now with your budget Id be taking a close look at an SVS sb12.

Looks like a real item of solid quality, and the oak finish would match my Tannoys a treat / grill fixed with magnets, very slick.

But I already have a tannoy TS-12, so the upgrade isn't significant enough to justify the cost :(

If you have a £600 budget and looks/size are an issue, look at the sb12.

Sealed enclosures also offer better speed/accuracy for when enjoying your favourite cd's.


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Thanks - I am certainly being drawn towards the SVS SB12 at the moment... However, that would involve me making a decision!
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