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Yet another 'what 65" TV should I get' post - advice/recommendations please :)


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Hello, I've done this before, but plans to buy a new TV were kiboshed by some unexpected expenses. Now reached a point where I actually need a new main set, so below are the answers to Dodgexander's questions. To summarise, I have a 50" Panasonic TXL50E6B LCD that's a good few years old now but want to go to 65" and get as good a SDR and HDR performance as possible. I'd also like a 120hz panel. The crux is, I'm looking at a budget of around £1000 (less if possible). Any thoughts/recommendations/advice very much appreciated, thanks :)

Which external devices do you plan to connect to the TV?
  • A soundbar
    • If so, which model? Sonos Beam
  • UHD Blu-Ray Player? Possibly in the future
  • HD Blu-Ray Player? PS4
  • Games console
    • If so, which one(s)? As above
What content will you watch on the TV?
  • What streaming services do you plan to use?
    • Sky UHD, Netflix Premium, Prime Video
  • Catch up TV apps,
    • iPlayer, ITV, 4OD etc
  • Broadcast TV

  • Occasional Blu Rays and may invest in UHD Blu Ray player in the future, but not a priority.
  • What proportion of your total viewing will be content in SD, HD or UHD? As above table

Broadcast TV shows5%
Broadcast Sport10%
Broadcast Movies0%
Streaming TV shows or Movies75%
HD Blu-Rays5%
UHD Blu-Rays0%

Will you use internal or external apps or tuners for the following? If external, via which device?
  • Broadcast TV Sky Q UHD 1TB Box
  • Streaming services Sky Q UHD 1TB Box, 4k Firestick, Internal
  • Catch up apps Sky Q UHD 1TB Box, 4k Firestick, Internal
Situational questions:
  • What TV are you currently using and what are expecting to see upgrading to a new TV? Panasonic TXL50E6B - Looking for 65" with good UHD and if budget permits good HDR. Hoping for decent HD & SDR as that will probably still be the majority of viewing at the moment, but looking to future proof as much as I can afford to. Not bothered about SD, tend to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.
  • Are you a tweaker or set and forget kind of person? Mostly set and forget, although will tweak to advice/guides rather than experiment myself.
  • What is your viewing distance? Around 3m
  • If you place yourself in the position of your TV facing towards where you watch, at what angle from the centre is each integral seating position? (Tip, use a protractor to measure angles). I tend to sit directly opposite, there will be seating at worse angles, but the people in those seats are unlikely to care lol
  • When will you use the TV and what kind of lighting will be in your room? Some examples:
    • Bright conditions during the day. 50%
    • Dark conditions during the day. 0%
    • Dark movie nights in the evening. 25%
    • lamp or light in the room, even in the evening. 25%
  • Would your usage of an OLED TV put you at risk of permanent burn in? Minimal risk
  • Do you need any legacy connections like composite or component? No

Please rearrange the following, in descending importance:
  1. SDR Picture quality
  2. HDR Picture quality
  3. Cost
  4. Value
  5. Picture accuracy out of the box (without pro calibration)
  6. Blacks
  7. Shadow detail
  8. Viewing angles
  9. Smart TV ease of use
  10. Smart TV app selection
  11. Sound
Now for bugs, tell us your possible pet hates related to TVs, in descending order:
  1. Motion blur
  2. Motion stutter
  3. Bad screen uniformity, Dirty Screen Effect, Clouding, Light Bleed, Blooming, Vignetting, Haloing
  4. Loss of detail in dark areas or crushed blacks.


The choices are basically the XH9005 and sacrifice HDR performance, or Hisense U8Q and sacrifice some motion issues. Since the U8Q has an issue with blur with brighter areas in dark scenes you may prefer the Sony with your preferences.

If you can stretch to the XH9505 then you'll make less compromises, since its HDR performance is better than the XH9005 and more similar to the U8Q.


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Thanks guys. With regards to the XH9505, price wise it’s not a million miles away from the cheapest OLEDs ...baring in mind my viewing spec, how does it compare to entry level OLEDs like the LG 65BX?


OLEDs have next to no motion blur and per pixel dimming so the picture can look a lot more cleaner and uniform compared to an LCD TV. Viewing angles are also a lot better. The downside is that the TV doesn't get as bright, if you watch mostly in bright conditions during the day or with lights on it makes more sense to save money and get an LCD TV, but if you want a better experience in dim conditions, or you're adverse to motion blur an OLED is going to be a lot better all round.

Of course there are differences between brands, LG TVs have good smart TV but motion is probably one of their biggest complaints. Sony on the other hand have worse smart TV, but motion is probably better (motion blur aside).


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Thanks for all the advice (and in my other thread). Initially decided to wait for a XH9505 (either to save up the funds or wait for a price drop) but have opted for a Samsung 65Q90T which I have managed to get with discount through work for a grand and on 0% finance.

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