YET ANOTHER what 17" Laptop query... sorry :(


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Ok then I've been looking through here at various lap-top threads and getting more and more confused :lease:. So in an effort to [-]confuse myself even more[/-] clear things up, I'd be interested in hearing everyone's suggestions on my requirements :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I'd like (or must have!) all of the below...

must have
17.3" screen
good quality screen
blu-ray player
i5/i7 (for "future proofing", in as much as you can!!)
ability to seamlessly play HD movies

lit key-board
non-gloss screen
good battery (I suspect I'll be looking at 3/4 hours max?)
not too bothered about blue-tooth but if it's there I'll not say no
not too bothered about web-cam
solid state drive

Weight is not really an issue as it'll be a replacement for a desk-top and I've already got an ok lap-top to cart around if/when needed.
I anticipate in the not too distant future getting a 'storage solution' for eveything so huge HD not really needed (hence possibility of SSD if possible at my budget level).
RAM not an issue techy mate happy to help me install more as and when needed.
I don't anticipate playing a lot of games though I might try and dip my toe in one of the Asssassins Quests my limit would likely (still!!!) be Baldur's Gate.
Budget wise - I guess "as little as possible" :laugh: but being serious £800ish is a neighbourhood I'd not like to stray too far above.
Not too keen on black but if all the other bits 'n' bobs work then aesthetics are less of an issue.

thanks in advance :clap:


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Baldurs Gate 2 I hope ;). I guess you mean Assassin's Creed rather than Assassin's Quest. The original is a couple of years old now so I'd expect it to run fine on a new machine.

If you're struggling to fit it all into budget then I'd forget the high end processor and stick with a mainstream i3 or Pentium. An i5/i7 you might use will not only take away money that could otherwise be spent on stuff you will use but it could potentially cause the battery to run down faster too.

Battery life isn't going to be restricted to 3-4 hours, something like the HP ProBook 4740s for example claims 10 hours while meeting most of your requirements.


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<grin> yup you're correct Assassins Quest was a deliberate mistake lol!!

The problem I have with the lower spec machines is that it won't be a big enough jump from my existing laptop - really don't want to splash out £700/900 for a bigger screen :(

with all of that in mind I'm narrowing down to a Sammy 550P (had a play with one in Comet and it felt good - but I'm not paying them £799 when I've seen them down to £650ish) or Lenovo equiv. The Sonys I have seen are dull, dull, DULL :( and I'm not a huge fan of the Toshes.

El Wayneo

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i got my laptop made by pcspecialist.

had a while now, is the OPtimus II, i7 quad core, 8gb RAM, 500gb HDD, 2GB GT555m, 17" 1080p.

They have refreshed the range now so Optimus 3 has a GTX660m in and you can get Ivybridge processors in it as well.

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