Yet another recommend a DVD player thread!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by fordster, Feb 10, 2005.

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    Okay my DVD player (Denon 2800MKII) has just given up the ghost so it's time to start auditioning for a new player. These are my requirments:

    1. It needs to have picture quality (via component) that at least matches the Denon
    2. It needs to have the best possible CD replay quality (ideally up to the level of a Rotel RCD-02 or get very close)
    3. It needs to be reliable
    4. Because of point 3 it can't be a Denon! That's not intended as a criticism of all Denon players but I've had other problems with my Denon so personally I will never buy another Denon DVD player. I know that plenty of people have Denon's and have no problems.
    5. The layer change should ideally never be noticed. I accept this may not be possible without buying a Denon so I'll settle for it not being annoyingly slow.
    6. DVD/A and/or SACD would be nice but are not essential
    7. A HDD/DVD recorder would be nice but is there such a device that will satisfy the other requirements?

    I've not set a budget but would not be surprised if I had to pay around £1000. Obviously I'd prefer to pay less!


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