Yet another ps3 and Denon amp question! :-P


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i have a PS3 and a Denon 2808. - OK so everything's running sweet sounds great ( tho not AS great as i had thought but still fantastic! ) my only question now is should my amp be set to DIRECT or one of the standard settings ( DD pro logic Cinema e.t.c) ? When its on a standard setting the amps display shows its using Audessey but when on DIRECT it shows AL24 which of these is better to use ? my main question is if i use DIRECT and AL24 do all my settings i spent hours fine tuning ( speaker distance, levels e.t.c) in other words all my auto calibration and what not get by-passed ? im confused please help :)

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You need to set the PS3 to LPCM in the sound settings or DVD/Blu Ray sound formats. The PS3 will then decode all the sound formats and send them to the 2808 via LPCM, Your amp will display "Multi Channel".

This is now distributing all the HD formats and DD and DTS depending on the game or film you are watching. You will have to refer to the DVD/Blu Ray menu to set the required sound format.

Other than that you dont need to change the amp to Direct or anything else just leave it alone and all your calibrations should still be the same.

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