yet another projector recommendation query



after browsing this site and projector central a while I have become fond of the Sanyo -Z2 by description.
moving into a new house and front projection seems so much more cost efficient and flexible than any plasma options for HD.

Any recommendations for:

approx 1200 pounds (2000 USD) to spend.

approx 12 ft+/_ throw length

approx 182 cm wide (6 foot wide) 16:9 image

would like XGA or WXGA

Here's the catcher: will mostly view at night via progressive DVD, or gaming on playstation, or DVI through PC, but otherwise would like to watch some football (US "football" and especially world cup when that occurs, would LOVE to see this size at home) during the day when light control is poor, I expect there will definately be ambient light coming through the shades.

Indications are I might be happy with a brighter proj.

Any recommends in my budget?

LCD prefered unless colorwheel is fast

thanks for reading!


have you seen a projector in ambient light? They are disapointingly bad :(



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The Z2 would be fine. I watch football with my Z1 in cinema black mode and with an FlD filter, with some ambient light and it's still fine. Removing the filter and switching to full brightness would make it twice as bright but it's not necessary.

You don't need the same contrast ratio for sport as you do for films and pictures are usually always bright as the game is in daylight or floodlit with mostly green on the screen from the grass.

Films suffer most from ambient light in dark scenes.

Just close your curtains and turn the Z2 to full brightness and it will be more than adequate for sport during the day.

Get a blackout blind from Ikea for about £20 and in conjunction with curtains you'll easily light control the room enough to watch a film in cinema black mode when it's the middle of summer.
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