Yet another PJ virgin seeking advice!



I'm just about to take the plunge and (finally) get myself an entry level projector - your views and advice would be appreciated!

Budget around £1000 or so, for projector + screen + upscaling DVD player.

Originally had my heart set on an Optoma HD70 + something like a Sapphire screen, and a Samsung HD850/860 (my old DVD player if fine for my 32" CRT, but I'd like something with an HDMI output). Any feelings about this setup?

However.....having recently viewed a friend's recently purchased Optoma H76 I'm not so sure about how me and DLPs are going to get along - I was seeing plenty of rainbows (Sin City), and after a not very long viewing, had a slight headache - this could just be a coincidence (bit of a cold at the mo), but I'm pretty sure I'd find the whole rainbow thing distracting, especially since I watch quite a lot of old B&W classic movies. I'll give his DLP another try sometime, for a full movie length, and see how it goes, but I'm not hopeful, and I'd also like my wife and kids to be able to watch without adverse effects.

So I've been looking at LCD options, which isn't quite so easy in my limited budget. I guess it's between Hitachi TX200 or TX300, Panasonic AE900 or AX100 and Sanyo Z4 or Z5. I'm considering the older models because I may get a good deal, but after a bit of internet searching, I'm not so sure there are many of these older models out there (they're certainly not being given away).

Another thing to consider is that I'm in deepest darkest NW Cumbria, a long way from an AV shop with a decent range and viewing room - I really don't want to have to resort to a special 2 1/2 hour trip down to Manchester! Mail order will be the only way.

So - any suggestions/recommendations - I know from these forums that everyone has their own favourites, and the reality of it is that I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever I get.

At present I'm tending towards a TX200, which can currently be had from Pixmania for about £810 - anyone had any problems dealing with this company. Would prefer to go with a specailist such as discounttv but thay would mean goiing for a TX300 at £920 (with a free HDMI cable "worth £75" - I wouldn't have spent that much on a cable otherwise - am I a fool?) or £950 with a free bulb that I hopefully wouldn't have any need for for a few years (just to clarify - this PJ will be for movie viewing use only, and only for around 5 hours a week at, the most).

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions or know of any good deals on not-so-up-to-date-but-still-pretty-neat projectors?



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Shame about the rainbows.

If it's a choice between the TX200 or TX300, get the TX200. The TX300 is basically the TX200 with a new case. Performance of both models once calibrated are exactly the same.


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Try a panasonic ax100.You can get one for £881 coming down in price all the time!!


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Have you thought about the second hand route. There are some bargain to be had, and with the recent push to 1080p and recent models just out, the older ones will be knocked out to upgrade.

I bought a Camera from Pixmania, and then whilst waiting for it to turn up found loads of horror stories on here. Camera turned up fine in the end, but be scared us for a bit

They are based in France, so IIRC any returns have to be sent back to france.

If i had a choice again, i'd steer clear :rolleyes:


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Have you thought about the second hand route. There are some bargain to be had, and with the recent push to 1080p and recent models just out, the older ones will be knocked out to upgrade.

You have a good point. Most the PJ's i've ever bought were second hand and gave me no trouble what so ever.

Mind you. With bargains like the the new hd70 which I got for less then 700 quid, it's hard to convince yourself that your getting such a bargain buying someone elses projector.


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you mentioned discounttv - I would urge you to take the time and visit them for an extended demo of as many pjs as you can. You are planning on spending a lot of money, so it really is, IMHO, worth making the effort. It's not quite Manchester! Only you can decide on the model which really suits you best. :lesson:



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if your buying blind you wont be disapionted with the tx200. stunning piece of kit for the money.


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I've got the PJTX300, i love it. But its also my first projector.

If you get it from Richer Sounds you get a free screen.




Many thanks for all the speedy replies, guys. I'd be happy with 2nd hand gear, but have the same problem with geographical remoteness - always a bit of a risk doing it by mail - I think I'd want to see any 2nd hand gear before buying it.

Anyway - I've taken the plunge - it would have been nice to do some viewing, and discounttv is not too far away I suppose, but I'm not sure my very pregnant wife would be to happy being abandoned for a day with our two other kids, just so I can go and spend a sizeable chunk of our money:nono: (incidentally, this projector is kind of compensation for agreeing to have a third child! - have I been had?:confused: )

I found a good deal on the TX300 from Crampton and Moore (but on ebay - prices much better than on their website) - £857 (inc delivery) for projector + 80" screen. I'm under no illusions that this is going to be a great quality screen, but it'll get me going for a while. I would have been perfectly happy with a TX200, but to be honest, I couldn't have found one any cheaper than this. (Anyone else interested in this deal - you need to search for Hitachi PJTX300 (rather than PJ-TX300) - they've four more available)

I know it's a lot of money for a blind buy, and maybe it's not the best LCD i nthat price range, but I'm pretty confident I'm going to be happy with the results anyway.

Now I'm off the the DVD forum for advice on a nice cheap upscaling player - Samsung, Toshiba, or a little bit more on a Denon????


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