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I know this has been asked many times before, but here is another 'What PJ should I buy question'.

I am looking to replace my 6 year old ScreenPlay 5700 which has given up the ghost, and although I considered 3D, I'm probably not that bothered about it and would prefer a decent 1080p projector. Budget is around the £700 mark.The models I am interested in are:

InFocus SP8600 (Projector Point £660).
Optoma HD200X (Tesco £548)
Optoma GT750XL (Tesco £578) - yeah, I know it's 3D!
Optoma HD230X (Tesco £598).

Also, there is a Optoma HD20 on sale in the Classifieds by Mambo1888 for circa £400 that might be an option.

Although I am close to Glasgow, there does not seem to be that many places where these projectors can be viewed, so I am probably buying blind, and if not suitable can always return the purchase under the distance sellling laws.

My current PJ is a DLP and although I noticed raindows initially, I seem to have been able to tune these out.

Room is a dedicated cinema with dark walls, black carpet and decent light elimination. Most viewing is Blu-Ray and DVD in the evening, with occasional daytime viewing (new SKY HD box installed this week) but most TV type viewing is done on the TV itself.

Looking to buy in the next fortnight or so

Any advice would be gratefully received, as the last time I bought a PJ, the choice was nowhere near as big or confusing! I have trawled these forums, but as on most occaisions there seems to be a pretty even split of people who like something to those that don't!

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Not particularly. Distance from back to front of room is 17feet (5'ish metres) or so and the screen is 2m across.


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The Infocus or HD200x will be best for your room they will both need to be around 3mtrs from the screen (for your 2m wide screen).

The 230x and GT750 are not suitable as they are very bright projectors and in a dedicated room will output too many lumens, also the 750 as Steve has pointed out is an Ultra short throw so will be 3-4ft from your screen and is only 720p and you would be better off with 1080p although you should be seated no more than 3-4mtrs from the screen for best effect.


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The second hand HD20 will also be ok as it is the same as the HD200x except white where the 200x is black.


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I would also consider the Mitsubishi HC3800 ,which projector planet are selling these machines off for £650.

Might be Mitsubishi older model entry level 1080p DLP projector, which has been replaced with the HC4000, but for the price it would be hard to beat.

You would need to check the projector throw distance and higher vertical off set however, to see if it would fit into your room layout.

AVForums give this model a best buy award a few years back,

Even thou this machine is an older superseded Mitsubishi model, I still think it would have a better 2D performance over the current crop of budget (between £500 to £700) 1080p DLP projectors on the Market.


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After having completely gutted the cinema, repainted it, new carpet, new units new front speakers and having now managed to put it all back together again, I have made my decision and bought a new projector,which as I type, is sitting in the depot ready for delivery.

I went with the Mitsubishi as recommended by Shogun, and as long as I am happy with it
that'll be the end of it.I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if it's not, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will have very strong words with you :)

Ultimately I would have liked perhaps to get a current model costing a bit more, but due to the expense of the redecorating and cabinets, the budget was getting more and more limited as the project went on. Initially all I was going to replace was the projector, but these projects seem to take on a life of their own! However, what Shogun suggests is probably a good result, 2D performance hasn't really leaped forward that much in the last year or so, so an older PJ will give as good a performance as a current model at the same price point.

So, after nearly a year without a PJ, my cinema will finally be up and running again. Now I've got to find the time to watch the films that I've bought and hung off watching until the PJ was back!


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