Yet Another Pioneer DV-696 Query


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To reiterate highly relevant isues the Home Cinema Choice review of the Pioneer DV-490 DVD player brought forth:
1) Unacceptable motion issues with PAL material - even movies, completely defeats the point
2) Doesn't pass blacker-than-black video
3) Problematic audio issues with layer change
4) Picture shift issue with all types of PAL DVD when using HDMI Upscaled modes

Any one of these items would kill the sale for me, but all of them at the same time? :thumbsdow

My question then to those who now possess the 696 is, have Pioneer resovled these issues with the 696?

The main issue I'm especially concerned with is item 2 above. I'm a fanatic about proper display of black levels and is why I continue with CRT until that technology issue is sorted on other types of display technologies.

BTW, a good title to test proper black level is the opening chapter of region 4 or possibly region 2 "True Lies".


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Curious too. I was on the brink of getting a 490 but might save up a little to get the 696 instead. Very stupid of Pioneer to mess this PAL playback up this way!

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