Yet another newbie looking for advice...


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Hi folks,

I am completely new to this DSLR lark and after having read copious amounts of info on this and other froums am pretty confused about the whole thing.

I have ordered a few books wich have been widely recommended here and will hopefully get a better handle on it all soon.

In the mean time I have been firing off all sorts of shots which range from passable to woeful but none which I would say are all that great. All of the pics, good and bad, have been more a case of good (or bad) luck than judgement.

With that in mind I would appreciate some comments on the attached pic which was taken this morning on a dull and overcast day, handheld with a Canon 400D and a Canon 28-200 lens.

1/200 sec
Flash on



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I dont think theres too much wrong with that picture personally mate. Maybe a different angle looking almost 'head on' into the flower may have given the image a little more 'impact' ......... Another thing I have found since having my 400d is that its sometimes better to move slightly further away from the subject if using the flash on close up or macro photography and then crop the image afterwards or you dont seem to get the full benefit of the flash. Dont take my advice too much though, I'm still learning myself ! :rotfl:


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Thanks for the comments Macker.

Unfortunately there was a rather large thorny bush preventing the head on shot, but the tip about trying different ranges with the flash is interesting. In fact it's really so simple I am embarassed at not having thought of it before.

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