Yet another newbie E55/VCR connection question



OK, having followed the excellent advice on several other threads, I've got my new E55 set up and working. But now I'm trying to add my VCR and not having much success. Here are the details:

DVD recorder - DMRE55
VCR - Philips VR840
NTL cable box
TV - Philips 21PT522A (I think that's the model - it's a few years old)

I've connected it as follows:
E55 AV1 to TV AV1 (set to RGB)
E55 AV2 to NTL TV connector (set to Video/normal)
RF to VCR to E55 to TV.

If I connect the VCR AV1 scart to the TV AV3 scart then I can view tapes OK.
I then attempted to set it up so I could record my old VCR cassettes onto DVD. I connected the VCR A/V leads to the E55 AV4 and chose AV4 using Input Selection (as per the E55 instructions), but I don't see any output from the VCR, just a blank screen.
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here, and what the connection should be?

I also want the VCR connected so that I can record onto it from the TV, in case I want to record more than one thing at the same time. I confess I've not tried this yet as it's more important to get the above sorted, but any pointers would be welcome here too ;-)




Have you tried disconnecting the NTL feed into the AV2 on the E55 and connecting the video (scart to scart) to it ?

I'm not sure what sort of lead you are using but I had a frustrating time connecting my VCR to my HS2 recorder using a scart to phono lead using the front AV sockets. In the end I discovered the lead was Phono to scart hence of no use. In the end I bought a multi connector kit from Index for £9.99 that covered all combinations.

HTH Simon


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Is it a 3 phono to 3 phono lead you are using?

Sometimes these leads only go in one direction - check yours are round the correct way.

Another possibility is that the VCR will only output on one connection at a time. As you are already using the scart output to AV3 it might be cutting off any other output.


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Can you connect to AV 3 instead (the 3 phonos on the front of the E55)? That's how i've got mine set up.

Remind me again which input AV4 is.

I remember AV1 is scart
AV2 is scart
AV3 is 3 -phonos on the front

I know there is an AV4, but can't remember what it is :zonked: :laugh:

Having just searched about on the net (i'm not at home to check my own one) AV4 could be the second 3 phono/s-video input at the rear. If so, you are using the input and not the output aren't you? (easy mistake to make).

Mark. :)


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As you will so rarely want to record from a video to the dvd why not just re-arrange the scarts when you need to. THis is what I do and connect the video by scart to av2, change the input to video and record all I want to, then re-set afterwards. Personally once I had transferred over a few irreplaceable family vhs recordings, I never needed to do this again. I still have the video for the odd occasion I need to record 2 programs at the same time, but it is connected directly to the tv.

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