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    I am considering my first digital camcorder having had my Sony 8mm camcorder since 1992. I was on the point of purchasing a Panasonic NV-DS38 but see that earlier this week it was taken out of the Panasonic website to be replaced with the NV-GS3/4/5. I know its only been out for a few weeks but has anyone any experience with this new camcorder?

    From reading various articles it seems that DV in and analog in are useful - hence the DS38 but the NV-GS3 has both, is smaller and lighter, and may be more robust. The only thing it lacks is the SD Card Slot. I assume that this is really for still photos. as the max. resolution is .8m pixels as opposed to 2.1 and above for a good digital camera, is this facility worth worrying about? Would it not be better to save a few pounds on the GS5, buy the GS3 and put the savings into a separate dedicated camera, eg a Fuji finepix 2600?

    Also what is a SD Voice Recorder - see spec for the GS4?

    Any help would be much appreciated


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