Yet another new DTTV reciever and an interesting article.


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Originally posted by MonkeyDonkey

It's also interesting to see how many people won't even pay £25 to switch.

Another pointless survey, I wonder how many of the 6.1 million SKY subscribers and 4 million plus cable subscribers would have said 10 years ago they will never pay for subscription television.
I do think that DTT cost should be as transparent as possible, easy way to do this is to bring in legislation so new devices with an analogue tuner must also have a digital tuner.
It would certainly help if the government put their money where their mouths were and remove VAT from DTT tuners.

All said and done there are people who refuse to pay the TV license (nothing to do with the principle either) and others who do not own a TV or just a black and white one.
There were 100,00 SKY analogue users who refused to switch to digital and way back in the "dark ages" there were people who refused to ditch 425 line TV's.
Both groups were thankfully ignored and technology progressed.


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I don't think the article is quite as specific has that.
"The latest alternative is Hauppauge's £129 DEC2000-t, which is the first digital TV adaptor to feature a USB port, enabling it to be hooked up to your PC, which can then act as a digital video recorder."

The picture they use looks like the same as This one

But this one can be bought now, :confused: so maybe the one launched 3/10 at the StuffLive 2002 show WILL be a set top box!

Thanks for bringing this manufacturor to our attention.
Didn't realise DTT on a PC was an option...

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