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Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by dave0102, Sep 7, 2012.

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    I'm hoping someone can help me choose the right NAS for my setup.

    Basically, I have several PC's, consoles and a WDTV dotted around the house. The PC's connect to my network via Cat5 as does the xbox. I have a PS3 that connects via wireless and the WDTV connects via a edimax wireless range extender which also has a sky box plugged into it.

    At the moment I use one of the PC's to run xbmc, playing media from local and usb connected storage. The WDTV also has a usb drive plugged into it.

    I'm also looking to add another xbmc client (probably a raspberry PI) in one of the bedrooms.

    So with this in mind, I have decided that its time to get a NAS to share the media across the house from one central location. I've been doing a lot of reading up and I have more or less decided on a Netgear ReadyNas Duo RND2000 V2. From reading reviews I believe this will give me the storage I need plus additional benefits like mysql, nzb clients etc. I also considered the 2 bay Qnap and Synology models, but I couldn't really justify spending the extra money (£150 as oppose to £100 for the ReadyNas).

    I also considered the HP micro server, but it seemed a little overkill.

    So my question are:
    1. Would you recommend the RND2000 V2 for playing HD video files over my network?
    2. Can the Netgear handle downloading NZB's and running a mysql database?
    3. Is it very noisy?
    4. Is there any reason why you shouldn't buy one?
    5. If I plug a usb drive into the NAS would I be able to watch media stored on it over the network?

    Thanks for your help,

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    The NAS with ethernet will add more to the cost than you will get back I feel.

    I think you just need a basic NAS hooked up to your router as PS 3 and xbox 360 will play of it fine

    I would concentrate on getting a file system of which everything will play , and plenty programmes to convert to say Divx/ AVi.

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