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It seems that I've been a complete fool...

I bought the Aconda 9381ZW last summer, and I was asked for the color I prefer... The "Living" -option sounded good (fully silver/gray). Ok, what I got was 9281ZW with Q2400 chassis...
(If I had ordered any other color, I'd have 9381ZW w/ Q2400 or Q2500 chassis)

I browsed Loewe pages for information about the differences, and all I noticed was the size of teletext memory and about EUR300 lower price tag.

I made a reclamation to the retailer, and they told me the only difference is the paint/finish, and their price is the same for this model. At that time, I accepted that.

My idea was to hook up my modified (NTSC/PAL Progressive) Denon DVD-2800 Y-Pb-Pr output through transcoder to VGA connector of the telly. Paid a lot for the Key Digital KD-CTCA2 transcoder (EUR350).

I also ordered the VGA upgrade for Loewe, and it was installed by retailer's service guy at my home. After we opened the telly, there was this TOSHIBA sticker on the tube... now that explains why the screen looked darker in the store.

The VGA works fine when using my PC (haven't tried other than 640x480p yet), but it doesn't work with the transcoder. Out of sync w/ both NTSC and PAL. My 19" Hitachi VGA monitor has no problem in synchronizing with transcoder.

After reading the AV Forums, I made a following conclusion:
I need Q2500 chassis, which can support PAL progressive. But it doesn't explain why the DVD's 480p/60Hz output doesn't sync with the transcoder.

Now what are my options?:
1) Upgrade to 9381ZW/Q2500 Loewe and try to tweak with transcoder
2) Sell the Aconda and the transcoder, and buy new Panasonic TX32PH40 w/ YPbPr input
3) Give up and sell the transcoder
4) Whatnot?

Any ideas?


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Steve1138 or Gordon (Convergent-AV) are the best people to answer this. I'm sure you've seen Steve's thread at:

He did extensive testing on a Q2500H but came to the conclusion that watching DVD's via the VGA input was not perfect because of the lack of aspect ratio controls. While the pictures were undoubtedly amazing, it would seem that the aspect ratio issue is to big a problem to overcome.

However, this does not answer your question as to why the Loewe will not sync properly with NTSC Progressive. Perhaps this is a something to do with the Key Digital Transcoder in which case Gordon should be able to offer more advice. Steve used an Iscan Pro in his testing.


I guess I could live with aspect ratio twiddling, most of my DVD's are 2.35:1, but I know it would be a real pain in the ass... However, the system just doesn't work at the moment :confused:

Are there anyone using KD-CTCA2 for this purpose after all?


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Is it possible that the macrovision on the progressive out is interfering with the transcoder ?

Have you got any non-macrovision NTSC discs to try ?




I guess I have some promo DVDs, but the transcoder works when connected to a VGA monitor (from DVD-2800). It seems that the horizontal frequency (of the DVD output) is not in the "standard" VGA limits. I'm going to tweak with Powerstrip on a PC to find out the limits of Loewe. If this works, I can build a quiet PC for DVDs...

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