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So taking the plunge into the world of TV research for a new set and twisted myself into knots! Any advice or steers is greatly appreciated everyone!
So the TV will be in a fairly bright room, about 3.5m from the couch and pretty straight on to the set. No gaming, very little sport watching, pretty predominantly movies and TV viewing. In an ideal world it'll have a VA panel due to the reasons above but I'm also hoping to use my current wall bracket to save some more installation (will post a pic of it cause I think as it is will rule some sets out).
So on to the front runners I keep coming back to:

Philips 65PUS8204 : Ambilight just looks bloody lovely and the back of it looks compatible with the wall mounting. No clue on panel type until I get it and only available at Curry's....

LG 65UM7660PLA: Dodge recommends the 7400 in his guide and this one is a slight cut above with the magic remote. IPS panel, probably fit the mount (my current TV is an LG) and a John Lewis warranty.

Hisense H65B700: The budget friendly set, VA panel, JL warranty and again has Dodges thumbs up. Pretty certain it won't fit the mount.

Panasonic 58gx800: Smallest screen size but great reviews.

Appreciate it's probably wrong to base my TV wants mostly around the wall mount, but I'm bit of a DIY mug, hence the apprehension. The absolute max budget is £650.

Again, apologies for spamming with yet another "pick me a TV" thread but I've been to-ing and fro-ing for about 2 months now. Thank you for any help!


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Your TV mount should be adjustable, and looking at the picture you can see you can adjust it both horizontally and vertically to fit different dimensions.
TVs come with different VESA mount spacings for mounting, so all you need to do is match those measurements up with the mount you are using. If you don't have record, or the manual for the mount itself, you'll have to measure the smallest and largest it can compress/expand too, to make sure it fits the new TV.

At this kind of budget you'll have to make a choice between a TV like the LG using an IPS panel which will perform better in bright conditions, during the day, and a TV like the Hisense B7500 which is better suited for dark room usage. There's not a one-TV-fits-all situation, with each panel type determining the biggest changes in picture quality.

In the opening post of the guide there's the following link: Which panel type should I choose for my TV? to help choose which panel is best suited for your situation. Once you have chosen which panel type is more suited, it makes narrowing down easier.

Regarding the Panasonic GX800, you can read in the guide in the special mention section why I have not included it as a best buy, and with the Philips, its simply not in the guide because we can't know pre-purchase what kind of panel it comes with. IPS or VA. If you find you prefer a specific type of panel for your conditions and it turns out to have the other kind, it won't be a great choice.

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