Yet another great map on GRIT.


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Thanks mate, see you on there again soon I hope.


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not to worry spike they have put some thng on xbl you could be good at like Dance Mat on line LOL

:thumbsup: :D :clap: :clap:


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You cheeky bugger :)
At least the last time we played SP:pT I tried.
Seem to remember all you were interested in was seeing how high you could climb, followed by
"Hey Spike, look at me, see how high I've climbed" :D

Stereo Steve

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Yeah, it's a bloody marvellous game and the constant stream of maps keeps it fresh. Still loads of people playing it and jumping into a random team game is now easier than it was.

Going back to this has persuaded me to sell my copy of Splinter Cell Pandora.

In terms of moneys worth this has to be the best game ever.


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Certainly agree, how many D/L maps have we got for this now?
Must be into double figures. And all for around £15.

Tank map is still my favourite but Trenches comes a close second, very difficult map in Co-op.


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yeh good map,

the other night me and cap kept respawning near eachother then shooting eachother which made me almost **** myself!

no-one could hear me laughing cos of that pesky white button,they all thought i was being quiet!

you still cant beat seeing enemy movement on your map,heartracing stuff!

"hes in front of you"
"where,i cant see ****"
"to your left!"

bang bang your dead,caps nailed another one!

great stuff for £7 2nd hand.

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