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Yet another connection question!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by wolfe, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. wolfe


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    Hi guys
    Hoping to pick up a PT-AE100 at the weekend...now trying to figure out whats needed to connect my stuff to it.....

    I have

    Telewest digibox....2 scart sockets with RGB passthru....
    Toshiba SD100e dvd...rgb scart..s-video and composite outputs
    Old JVC video with scart in and out (2 sockets)
    Yamaha DSP-A5 av amp

    Unfortunately I am rubbish at producing neat wiring diagrams:rolleyes:

    Perhaps you guys can come up with whats needed to get it all to work.....I also need to feed the 28" tv in the corner...that has 2 scart inputs...only one is RGB.
    I guess I wouldnt use the TV for dvd watching but will want to use the Telewest feed to the projector.

    Please help cause I'm a bit confuddled here:blush:


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