Yet Another Con?


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It really p*sses me off when companies (and governments) jump on another money-making bandwagon! Invent a new fear, blow things up beyond all proportion, brainwash you on TV, then invent:

Invent polution tax for air travel
Invent Polution tax for car travel
Cut public refuse collection and jobs in the name of recycling
Invent the "carbon-neutral" car insurance - utter b*llox!
Sell "environmentally friendly petrol" - ditto

the list of new taxes which limit our freedoms (and wallets) and environmentally destructive companies who advertise their product as carbon-this or envoronment-that is endless.

The answer is still one of the individual, one of choice, and the collective individual can make a huge difference. Governments and large corporations are only in it for large profits and usually large profits = destruction.

I know you guys have pretty much slated low power lighting, but there is a brand new technology out there which is, thank God, just come on the market, called "Luxeon" (or "Cru")- it also looks super-hitech-micro-cast alloy and fits standard fittings, the problem is that it is not throw-way (mmm) and may cost 10 to 15 quid (oh my God, thats 15 times more than my Bee-&-Queue multipack!). See the problem is that these old bulbs blow around 41 million tonnes of carbon into the air (just for housing!) and consume vast quantities (Terawatts) of power which you pay for, so for a standard home you could save 200-300 quid per year by switching, not to mention *****ing around changing bulbs, buying them, then lobbing them in a land-fill. Moreover, zee-government are currently in cahoots to put a massive tax on incandescent lightbulbs anyhow.

If there are any tech-heads out there, here's a puzzle:

Average number of bulbs per average house = ?
Average wattage of bulb = ?
Average on-time of bulb = ?
Number of houses in UK = ?
Number of bulbs popped per year = ?
Amount of carbon released by power station per Kilowatt = ?
Average life of an incandescent bulb = ?
Money per year saved running 3watt bulbs=?

I have done my own calculations on this and the FIGURES ARE STAGGERING, but cannot as yet figure a way to do them for offices / work / schools etc...

...Maybe take the working population quantity and multiply by an average number of bulbs per person... mmm it may be a rough figure but at least give us some insight.

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet too much, I refitted my own 3 bed semi (open plan) with Luxeons and have seen £300 decrease in my fuel bills in the first year. It took me 2 years to source an alternative to those ghastly "mini-flourescents" and "multi-leds" and was so impressed I decided to set up my own company.


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B&Q now selling GU10 LED's (20x LED's per bulb)
Pack of two for £9, best price I have seen.


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Really not sure which thread this post should go in, but it does seem like a, for want of a better word, con.
But when even the Russian Military are doing it.....

It basically reports what the Russians are calling the Father of all bombs, the most powerful conventional bomb yet. But it is the quote from Gen Alexander Rushkin, the Russian deputy chief of staff, which made me smile.

"The main destruction is inflicted by an ultrasonic shockwave and an incredibly high temperature," ORT added.

"All that is alive merely evaporates."

"Despite its destructive qualities, the bomb is environmentally friendly," Gen Rushkin said.

So that's alright then :thumbsup:

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