Yet another build but with plenty of questions


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finally after many years of wanting to do this, will start to convert what is generally a redundant dining room into our cinema room.

Will try and and add photos of progress, be warned it may be slow! So far I have the projector , Epson tw9400 and will use the av setup from the living room, Yamaha rxa3070 with kef 5.1 set up. Decided on the Ikea besta unit to house the gear in and will add a black rug to the carpet below the screen.

I’ve created a 3D sketch up of the room, a standard 6x4 metre room and plans are to install a 110” screen but currently undecided if an alr screen is required. Will add a black velvet wall to where the screen is but other walls will be grey with white ceiling. Rear wall has a full height patio style doorr with a blackout blind/curtain.

Questions so far, whether to use a fire stick for streaming, whether an Xbox one is good for 4K dvd/streaming playback.

Whether to ceiling or wall mount the projector. Whether to run speaker cabling to the rear under the carpets or chase out the walls.

I’ve spent weeks and hours on this site and only grasped 1% of the info needed. But so far I’m like a little kid following firing up the projector and casting onto a wall and seeing just how good it looks.

Enough of the waffle, will start to add photos as I go. Thanks


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Re streaming. Id get something more like a nvidia shield for streaming. Try to hide your speakers to make the experience more immersive. Re xbox.. depends on the xbox version. Playing 4k should be ok but it has its querks. The inbuild media player is not the best. I prefer to use a proper player for faster and better features such as scaling up of dvd and picture aspect options.
Any thoughts about atmos?. once you take the red pill....
Anyway have fun and good luck.


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I ended up get a Panasonic ubd820 instead of using my sons son's xbox one. upscaling works brilliantly with older discs and the netflix app is much easier to use than the xbox app.

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When you have a white ceiling you can see how much contrast you might be losing not fitting something like dark fabric to the ceiling near the screen. Just take an LED torch and point that pencil beam to the ceiling near the screen and see how much reflection hits the screen.


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How far is your screen away from the projector and what size is the projector screen? If you're looking at installing a 110 inch screen then with a long throw projector you'll typically need double that for the distance, so 220 inch away from the screen, but each projector is different, so check the projector's throw.

It depends if you're going for a long throw or short throw and how far away the screen is from the projector


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Thanks all, some updates with some hurdles to overcome.

First, Atmos. Decided on the monitor audio c265-idc and now 2 purchased.

Darkening the room. As mentioned above, the screen wall will be fully velvet black. Have the current idea of the sides nearest the screen running black curtains on tracks for 2 metres. This will help with the door to the room as it contains glass and also means it won’t be permantky black.

Lastly, the major hurdle, the ceiling! Naively thought this would not be an issue. However on checking the ceiling joists run the way I wouldn’t want them which means running hdmi etc will be impossible as I can’t take the floor up from upstairs.

Leaves me 2 options, to take down the entire ceiling, run all the required cabling etc and reboard. Or option 2, to create a Box frame soffit, suspended ceiling or whatever the correct word is. This will then run the cables, mount the speakers and downlights and make access easier if I ever need to get to it again. I also have the vision of a star ceiling which would help with this also

However that is probably beyond my capabilities and available time I have so now looking for professionals to complete this for me, hopefully to a reasonable budget. Fear, as soon as I say for my cinema room, the price will double!

I should start to get some photos up soon

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