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I need a bit of advice or rather peoples thoughts and was hoping that I might get some sensible information here.

I currently have an Hitachi 32PD5200 Plasma tv which I have had for nearly three years. The set has been brilliant and the picture quality great. However, I fancy something a bit larger and have been looking at the 37" to 40" range of TV's.

Now, I would really like to stick to plasma but am limited to the Panasonic 37PX70 which is a great looking set and has excellent reviews but would have liked a bit bigger set.

The alternatives are both LCD (Samsung and Toshiba) 40" sets and are both 1920x1080 1080P sets but as I am only 8-10ft away from the set I do not think this is essential.

My issue is I am still not that sure about LCD tv's. I have looked at a few but the SD picture quality is not as good as my 3 year old Hitachi and I am not sure about the motion blur thing (although they are much better now) however, we now are able to play blue ray films and occasionally will connect my son's PS3 and Xbox360 to it so need something that will handle HD sources also.

I would just like to hear peoples thoughts as I really am finding it a bit hard to make a decision.

A couple of other quick questions. The Panasonic has a resolution of 1024x720 and my Hitachi has a resolution of 1024x1024. Does this mean that the image quality will not be as good on the Panasonic as my Hitachi and as HD ready requires an resolution of at least 1366x720 how can the Plasmas actually produce a HD image or am I missing something??

By the way, my wife won't let me have a set larger than 40" otherwise it would not be an issue as I would buy a Pioneer.

Thanks in anticipation :)



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If you measure most 40" LCDs you will find that they are wider than the 42" Pioneer.
Don't worry about resolution especially at this size, things like processing and scaling etc. are more important.
720p is HD.
Hitachi panels like the one you have is an ALiS screen that's why it measures differently pixel wise, it's misleading as these are interlaced screens and not true progressive.

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