YesAsia asking for card details??


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Just put an order in for Motorstorm and Resistance of Man. Put my card details as usual and the order was fine. However, got an email this morning asking for a copy of my credit card to verify my address.

i'm a bit wary about doing this and wandered if anyone else doing whether it was ok to proceed??

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Its common practice with them mate. Its to stop people stealing your card andf buying stuff from them. Same happened to me and i had to fax a photocopy to them. They are only looking to check you details.

Go ahead its fine.


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Thats good. Thanks for that. :smashin:


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They want your credit card statement showing your name and address. not your credit card i think. There is no address on credit cards:p


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But I don't get a monthly statement from Cahoot, its all on the internet!?


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Be careful,
they are asking for either a scan of your monthly statement or a scan of the front and rear of your card,
whereas a scan of your statement with name and address is fair enough (a lot of places have done this on first orders), asking for a scan of the front and rear of your card (with just the sig blocked) is a very irresponsible thing thing to ask for. Very surprising that a respected store should be asking for this.
Best bet is just to pay via Paypal in the future with them


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think I will cancel the order and so via paypal instead.


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I had a US site ask for a scan of my card front/back a few years ago. I didn't like the sound of that at all and contacted the card company who basically told me not to do that under any circumstances. I cancelled the order and got the stuff somewhere else.


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Had to do that with Lik-Sang couple of years ago to import PSP's. Never had any problem then or since.

I use PayPal with YesAsia and have bought PSP console from them & loads of games. Well established trustworthy site. Use PayPal if you have one.

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