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Hi All

OK, I am getting very confused with all this upscaling stuff and could do with a little help..or something. Firstly, I am about to splash out a lot of cash on AV equipment and have just started building my extension/home cinema room. This is my first big adventure in to the Home Cinema world and very exited by what I read about the new ONKYO 805/875 Receivers, they sound fantastic especially with upscaling SD material. However, I am also equally exited about what I am reading about the new ONKYO DV HD805 player. As I understand it, this has the same chip as the above receivers and can upscale the picture in the same way. My question is: I can afford to buy both together, but do I need too? Will I get a better upscaling performance from my SD DVDs if I put the 875 receiver and the HD 805 together? or should I just let the receiver do all the upscaling and buy a cheaper HD/BR DVD Player? What to do? Any thoughts ?:confused:


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unless youre going to spend big bucks, id not worry about upscaling. get a decent screen (plasma/lcd) or projector because they will have to upscale/downscale whatever you send them anyway. my panasonic viera gives identical results from my old sony dvd through component compared to my new panasonic upscaling HDMI player.(the panasonic player looks a bit sharper, but i think this is more down to component/HDMI) .plasmas will give a better result upscaling SD material, whilst lcd's generally look better with HD sources.

e.g. sky one (standard) looks great on my viera, but crap on my mates samsung lcd, but the xbox 360 looks better on the samsung lcd than my viera.

my 2 cents :thumbsup:


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Hey Pottydave, depends on if you want other SD sources like freeview or sky upscaled too. If its just SD DVD material you need upscaled then go with the ONKYO DV HD805 and perhaps the 805 receiver.

I'm in a similar situation in that I don't have a separate freeview box, i watch tv using the internal tuner in the plasma, so I don't think I'd be able to feed the 875 to get tv upscaled by the Neon anyways. That and I hardly ever watch tv can't justify purchasing the 875 and the DV HD805.


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:smashin: Thanks for the replies guys, I seriously considered hooking the Onkyo 805/875 up to a big plasma such as a Pioneer or Panasonic. However, I have now decided to for full 1080p Dlp projector as well as a massive screen.:D
I also plan to Connect a Sky HD box & PS3 to the receiver as well. What I was thinking was, if I get the all singing and dancing 805/875 receiver, which will give me upscaling to 1080p,Dolby True HD/DTS HD and more. I wonder what would be the benefit of getting the the DV-HD805 over say Toshiba HD- E1? I know this hardly a new question, but if anybody could give me a few pros and cons about what I should hook up to the receiver and indeed thoughts about which receiver to go for ? the 805 or 875 ? it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks Again


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