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Hi Folks,

My head hurts,

I currently have a big old Phillips 32" CRT and want to upgrade,

I am trying to decide which 42" to go for. I will be used for TV and Dvd on a daily basis,

It needs to be HD ready for future proofing (I Guess)

I have up to £2000 to spend (Burning a hole in my pocket)

So what i understand from reading many of the threads on here,

Hitachi 9700 - Poor Black level

Hitachi 7200 - " " "

Pioneer 436 XDE - Image Retention

The black level issue could be a problem as I watch loads of Sci-Fi and Horror stuff.

Any other Panels I should be looking at ???

Your advice is much appreciated,

Many Thanks



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Should certainly try to get a look at a phd8, no question, with component/BNC board and a SCART->4 RCA cable. Should leave you with £200 too. Picture blows the 436 away imho (although the Pio sure is a nice TV)


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Hi Hornydragon,

To be honest it will be for me - Dvd's (standard + Hd Dvd) / The Wife - Eastenders.

So basically just a glorified TV with the best quality pic when watching Dvd.




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Forgot to say, It doesn't have to have a tuner built in as I will run my Telewest cable box straight in through RGB scart as I do with my current TV.

So really just needs to be a panel :rolleyes:

Don Campbell

TH42PHD8 is a cracker and gives you the option to have HDMI/composite/S-Video/RGB via add-in boards at little extra cost.

PDP-42MXE10 (Pioneer) is the nearest rival to the PHD8 with DVI (HDCP) for HD input and the option to add in composite, S-Video and Component RGB with a fairly cheap board (PDA5004) - should give you change out of £2000 easy.

The Pioneer is quieter than the Panasonic - fans don't run all the time, only when they're needed.
Both sets are of equal picture quality but the Pioneer is the better buy with the board in it as it'll have more inputs that are relevant to Home Cinema use (DVD, HD).

Personally I'd stay away from 'all-in-one' Plasma TVs on the basis that all the money has gone into the screen and not fancy useless gimmicks and extras and look at either of these two if I were buying - having seen both there's little to tell them apart other than badge and inputs so it'll be a case of what's the best fit for your needs.

PHD8 has been around a lot longer and as Panasonic are more established in the forums due to higher availability and having had a similar product around for a number of years, there's more comment on it and its SD counterpart (which you can get an HD board for to accept, but downgrade HD signals) the PWD8, than the Pioneer.

Another one to look at would be the Philips BDH4222V - another Plasma Display at around the same money as the other two but with all the inputs on it you'll need.

I've had favourable comments on this one but haven't used it in any installs so perhaps someone else could tell you more about it but it should still be worth a look.

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