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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by necroscope, Oct 9, 2002.

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    ok i've been looking around for my first widescreen finally said enough is enough of watching dvds on a 14"

    i had decide on the Sony KV28LS60 when i decide to just check these forums glad i did coz i have a Pioneer DV-545 plus a JVC S-VHS forgot the model number and will be connected with IXOS 126AV Scart-to-Scart

    so my choice seems down to 2 now

    Tosh 28ZD26
    Panny TX28PL10

    seems like not too may peeps have been happy with there PL10 and from what i can see about the only prob is this buzzing noise on the ZD26.Somehow if i get the ZD26 i dont think i will hear it as its going in the room with my PC and thats pretty loud with 8 fans in it and one of those a Delta 80mm

    i've got up to about £700 to spend on a new tv so help any help or suggestions on thses 2 makes or maybe another make


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