Yellow Shifted KDS-R60XBR1 - Need some guidance

Nels Erickson

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So I have a Sony 60" LCOS TV that has been working pretty well for me for the last 4+ years. However it has recently had color issues, and the entire image has color shifted yellow.

I made an initial call into Sony's tech support and they basically told me to reboot it and see if that works, if it doesn't then you'll need to contact a repair center. Of course it's out of warranty, so I'll be stuck with any repair costs. I've already tried recalibrating the TV to try and compensate, but no real change.

So I'm trying to weight the potential repair costs against getting a new TV, and I figured the fine folks here might have an idea how costly such a repair might run, of if it's even a fixable problem. I'm also torn, because my model of TV only handles 1080i input, not a full 1080p. But if it's only a couple hundred dollars to repair it, I really can't justify getting a brand new one. But if it's going to be more like 500+ then it makes more sense to get a newer TV.

I appreciate any insight.

Edit: Looks like I was pre-mature in posting this. Was able to get an estimate from a local Sony Repair Center. For those with the same issue, it's about $1000-1200 with parts and labor.
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