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Sep 11, 2005
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i've had my panny 37pv500 less than a week now. i've got it running in normal mode and reduced the contrast as everyone suggests. the problem i am experiencing is a faint yellow rectangle appears every now and then towards the top left hand side of the screen. have i done something wrong with the settings, is there something wrong with my screen or is anyone else experiencing it aswell.
other than this i am well pleased with my purchase. i get the buzzing from the rear that a lot of people have mentioned but only seems to last a few minutes then goes once the set has warmed up.

please help!
best idea take a photo and them maybe some can give their advice!
How Do I Upload Photo For You To See? I've Clicked On The Icon That Says Insert Image But It Comes Up With A Box That Has 'explorer User Prompt' In The Top Left Corner?
i just did it register with take a photo which is less than 1mb and the attach what imagehosting tells you for message boards in your message. Just preview your post to see if the photo is there, thats it. took me 5 mins. check my photo out on plasma forum, get your vieras out for the lads thread.
it appears like theres a problem, but others might no better, im sorry m8
phoned Panasonic last thursday said ask retailer for an exchange. phoned them and luckily they had another in stock so i took it back the next day and collected my new one. this is much better with no yellow rectangles and also this one doesnt whistle like the other one did.

I am now a very happy PV500 owner!!
did you take the TV back? or did the retailer just change it out??
I took it back and brought my new one home. The new one is perfect!

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