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Hi all, Just wondering is there any risk at all if i install Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3? What i mean is, is it possible to brick it by doing this or am i fine to proceed. Sorry to start a new thread but when it's a £400 piece of kit on the line i like to be 100%sure.


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What if i want to get rid of Linux after i have installed, do i just format the HDD?


Silly question I know, but what is the advantage of installing Yellow Dog Linux?:confused:


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I think I read somewhere on here that people had AVIs and TSs streaming from their PC to their PS3 over Linux. Add to that the fact that its a proper PC OS, so stuff like Firefox and Thunderbird runs on it. On last looking it doesn't have Flash etc so sites like Youtube don't work.

What DOES mean is that people have had SNES emulators and whatnot working on it, which sounds phat. Personally I would quite like the chance to have Secret Of Mana and Chrono Trigger on the go! Bit of FF5 & 6 too.

Also this will be a bit of a dream to the homebrew bods. The Xbox was a bit of a legend for those who loved to tweak and change, plus some people seem to get more joy out of modding, upgrading and tweaking than out of the actual gaming!


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What if i want to get rid of Linux after i have installed, do i just format the HDD?

There is zero risk involved, installing YDL is officially supported by Sony. Removal is just a matter of formatting via the PS3 OS.

Silly question I know, but what is the advantage of installing Yellow Dog Linux?:confused:

Good question. Basically you can use it as a much more diverse media centre. I can play DivX/Xvid, movs, wmvs, DVDs, basically anything. Also through Mame/Mess arcade and a full selection of console emulation is possible. It has full networking obviously so you can also use it a file host, as well browse the web with Firefox as opposed to the lame PS3 browser. You can also install Gaim which lets you talk on MSN/Aim/etc. Basically it's awesome ;D

Here is a picture of YDL I took a while back:

Though to be honest I would give YDL a miss and just go for Fedora. The YDL update/install function is only for paying customers right now and doesn't have anywhere near the software library FC5 has. Performance is basically identical. Hope this helps :cool:


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Should I use FC5 instead of YDL as I see there is a FC6?

Will this work on the PS3 as good as YDL?

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Would anything happen if you tried to instal Windows?


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You can't install windows as there is no PowerPC version.

Ther version of YDL and FC that people are talking about here are the PowerPC (PPC) versions which a few extra libraries for the cell processor. X86 instructions will not work

BUT if you put VMWare onto it, you would run x86 inside it


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can I ask, if i install linux onto my ps3, is there any way to play my ps3 games from inside linux or do i have to then quit linux, boot to the ps3 os, play game there, then change defgault os back to linux then go back to linux? Or does it detect it's a ps3 game inside and plays it?



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Hi All

has anyone had any luck getting UK PAL DVDs to play in YDL? I have installed VLC and MPLAYER and reinstalled totem but none of them seem to work. What is everyone else using to play DVS. These other apps work fine for file based media BTW



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