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    As if any of you give a toss, but I went to see em at Notts Rock City with Ha Ma superstar in support.

    Very Siouxsie and the Banshees but with added umph.

    Three in the band, the guitarist is a miserable thin guy that looks about 12 and has bad hair. The drummer looks like his sensible dad. Karen O stood about 7 feet tall dressed in a dress and matching trousers and almost has the presence of Lemmy out of motor head.

    Was it good, yes it bloody was, Karen makes the group, she is the group, very charasmatic and as sexy as hell, she screams, she moans and all whilst doing a Toyah impersonation. Arched back, legs spread wide, arms in the air, she belts out the lyrics with real passion.

    The guitarist plays around with a pre recorded sample and plays guitar over the top, a wiry sounding strat played thru what looks like a fender amp, no shredding, no blues, just rock and roll punk.

    The drummer bashes out the rythmn, twiddling drumsticks around in his hands, whats he doing in this band, he looks like their accountant.

    But it all works, the hype is somewhat deserved, its not exactly new, but then again the opening tracks made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, it slowed a bit towards the middle and then took off again, climaxing in the final track.

    Should you buy, should you go, oh yes, if only for Karen :devil:

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