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This could have easily placed in General Chat but it is apropos food and drink and hopefully a nostlagic look back at drinking places of old you used to frequent and in particular pubs you were taken to as a child.

So easy these days to find and upload pics so I can perhaps expect being treated to some lovely establishments from all over.

Some of the happiest memories for me are of The Spotted Cow in Lower Bourne, nr Farnham which had a really good playground and garden - always looked forward to going there.

Who can forget their first taste of beer? Although at ten I managed a whole bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, two years later, sat in the garden of the Kings Arms at Bagshot (these days part of the Hungry Horse chain), my mum's then boyfriend allowed me a sip of his pint. "Ugh, disgusting - tastes like dishwater" I spluttered to which he opined - "But when you are older you will love it" - and never a truer word spoken.

Sunday lunchtimes were often good, chicken in the basket at The Cambridge Hotel, London Road, Camberley which was better still because mum was quite a fan of traditional jazz so here I got to listen to Alex Welch, Ken Collyer and the like.

Remember they don't have to be pubs from childhood, I'm after memories of beautiful hostelries people remember visiting and perhaps tales of great ales and food!
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