Question Yammy RX- A860


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Just purchased this recently. Trading in my pioneer vsx...

I used auto config with YPAO..Later adjusted centre speaker volume..Sounded way too quite.

I have a couple of Q's for anyone that has one of these or similar.

For Blurays 7.1 i keep it on straight? seems to sound best on that setting..
Am i right in doing this? Suggestions?
With my old pioneer i kept it on Thx cinema. With this AVR not sure whats best for HD movies.

With lossless audio whats a good setting to have it on? Any suggestions?

Also, i found the centre channel sounds like it has a lot of reverb..very echo-ee?? I have it set on straight. running through 7.1 audio. Bluray source.
My richter centre speaker never sounded echoo-ee /reverb when connected to my pioneer receiver.
not sure whats going on there?

Lastly, if i change the bass/treble settings on the av controller app. Does that mean when playing a bluray through a different device will inherit the bass/treble setting on the AV controller?



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I have the 3060 i tent to keep it on the surround decoder for everything i used to have it on direct but surround decoder sounds better except music i have on 2 channel only.
I believe yes to your last question about base/treble.

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