Yammy receiver and ventilation


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I've recently bought a new yamaha RX440 AV receiver - but I have an issue over where I can accomodate it, being a quite a large beast.
The manual reckons it needs 30cm of ventilation on the top and 20 or so on the side. Where i have it currently , within a cabinet it has bearly a few centimeters either side. Not wishing to either cause the unit to misfunction or set the cabinet alight - is this an issue for limited use (a few hours or so) - it doesn''t seem to feel hot - has anyone else had a problem with their receiver overheating due to limited ventilation.

thnks :smoke:


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I didn't mention in my previous thread - but my cabinet has no front or back (just side and top of receiver) if that makes any difference


I have the same Yamaha receiver and it certainly does not have 30cm space above, 30cm = 1 foot! When I put my hand on the top of it it is just a bit warmer than room temperature , but only just. It tends to be left on most of the evening.

It should be OK if there is enough room for the air to move around. If there was a serious problem Yamaha would have to put large feet on it to let air circulate underneath it, but they don't. But keep your fingers crossed anyway



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I have a Yamaha 630, which only has about 2cm above it, although plenty of space either side and back. I've never had a problem with over heating etc.

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