Yamamha 759 v Sony 1200


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Out of the 2 amps which would you reccomend as a good starting point, ideally I would like to work with 2 channel so that I can lose another box ( i know its not the best way of doing things) I do like the look of the Yamaha but the Sony gets great reviews, speaker wise its looking like they will run a AV package based around either MA BR5's or around KEF iQ5's. The 759 is a bit of a bargin at the moment and as i'm still on CRT and probably will be for the next 4-5 years do I need some of the features the Sony has ? I'm I better off spending less and waiting to see what the future holds ?????? Also other than the above 2 are there any other amps I should be looking at.



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Get the Yamaha you wont be dissapointed I just got one from richer sounds for 250 notes at that price its a bargain too good to miss as you know the replacement will come out at a price around 500 or so.

Also if your planning on using a stereo setup the yamaha will blow the sony out the water they have used new dacs in these models and the pure direct mode sounds fab! You need to be using analogue connections mind but I guess if your going for a stereo setup this wont be an issue.

Bear in mind also that when What HiFi reviewed these products together last year, the Sony was deducted a star because the Yamaha was so good!!


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Thanks guys, anyone else want to defend the SOny ?


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Got my 759 today, and asside from a worry about the component video throughput cycling a green tinge into the signal (maybe a cable issue tho) I have to say I'm chuffed to bits.

Got some KEF 2005.2's a month back, but when I demo'd them in February the sales girl was trying to flog me a new amp.
I resisted and at first was amazed at how much better the kef's made my system sound.

Now due to an exchange for my TV because of a fault I had to have goods to the value of the difference between my old & exchange tv so I plumped for the 759.

The auto setup is a doddle and makes the whole system sound astounding now. Its really brought the detail of the kef's out even further.

Can't say anything against the sony but I can say at the price I'd say the Yamaha is a bargin not to be missed.


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I'll continue my rant at the 1200 not being able to receive audio and visual through HDMI :rolleyes:

The AFD auto setting on the amp to detect what source is coming in is also annoying and requires switching to something different regularly (TV/ps3/360 changes)

It is however spot on for connectivity, setup is immaculate and processing is unheard of in amp of this stature. :smashin:
I'll continue my rant at the 1200 not being able to receive audio and visual through HDMI :rolleyes:
The exact reason I went for the Yamaha over the Sony. I know that the Yamaha dosen't have HDMI inputs - but when I found out that I couldn't pass uncompressed PCM via HDMI from HD DVD or Blu Ray, the sound quality of the Yamaha won it hands down.

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