Yamakawa 365 firmware check???

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According to the Yamakawa website, this is how to check the firmware version of ones 365DivX (or other player):

When the display reads 'no disc', press:
Set Up,

However, my remote does not have a button marked 'Display' so I assumed it meant 'OSD'?? Anyway, following the instructions (substituting 'Display' with 'OSD'), I could not get it to work. Can anyone tell me how they have identified which firmware there Yamakawa DVD player has?

Hi Kane.

I just went into my setup menu and in the Audio Settings there is an option that says Firmware version below Audio Out and Reset Setting options. It's 252N. Latest version as of writing.

Oooooooh! A new firmware for the 365 DivX is available: http://www.yamakawa.de/Firmware/3xx/index_us.htm

Version 270T:

Which are the new features of the firmware V.270T:

Settings for Color, Color Saturation and Brightness
(press SETUP key during playback of Video or Fotomaterial)

additional setting "480p Wide" for NTSC 60Hz in DVI display mode

Screen saver no available (except for MPEG4 files)

for the DVI output, there are now 2 custom settings that can be used by entering "9713" with your remote control after DVDI output is activasted. You may now use two individual settings to connect e.g. Data projectors. Please note: _

Once you have activated the DVI output of your player you can access 2 individual setup screens for the DVI output if you enter "9713" with your remote control. These individual settings normally are only needed if you are using a display product like e.g. data projectors which do not offer preset home cinema picture formats for the DVI output like your player does (480p ~ 1080i).
Before you enter any value on these individual DVI setup screen, you MUST know the exact technical data of your display. Should you enter wrong values you will not get any picture and you can only use the V-Mode key on the remote control together with a normal TV set to receive a picture again. You may then reset the player to factory setting to delete your individual settings.

Once you have found values that match to your display system,_ you can activate these values any time by pressing "9713" to open the page and then "ENTER" to activate the settings.
I've just updated to version 270T and it works fine. I don't have the opportunity (at the moment) to check any of the new DVI options. Otherwise it's fine. Why not just download it and update it. It sounds like you have an older firmware version that did not have the Firmware feature. I bought mine on Amazon.de in case that matters.
Yeah, I have been thinking about updating the firmware, but as I have it connected to a Z2 via DVI, it seems to be delivering a 720p picture without any trouble! I think why mess with something that works? If the Z2 would accept various refresh rates, then I would like to be able to try 50Hz, 60Hz, 72Hz and 75Hz etc, but it doesn't so...

Anyway, I was just hoping to be able to identify which firmware it was operating on, just in case there are any known bugs with said version. If anyone does know how I can find out, please let me know. I think i will email yamakawa with the serial number and hope they can tell me.

With 252 the settings were remembered when I switched the player off.

With 270 the player no longer remembers the settings.

Anyone else experienced that?


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