Yamakawa 365 / AE500 and Cobalt DVI-D cable


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Not a happy chat at the moment....

Purchased the Yamakawa 365 from Germany (very impressed by the player).

Anyway, today I received my certified Cobalt DVI-D cable (7.5 metres) from the US.

I also paid the £32 customs duty which was presented to me by the postman.

Unfortuntely the cable will not sync with my AE500 for some reason, If I attempt to change the settings in the setup menu to DVI 720 (or any DVI setting)....I lose the signal and need to use the normal video cable to change the setting back to normal video input.

Can any Yamakawa users give me some advice?

The cable - http://www.cobaltcable.com/product/dvi_cable.htm

I was tempted to order the Lindy 7.5 metre cable, is anybody using this cable with the AE500????

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