Yamaha YST-SW150, any good?


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As above really, it's a fairly old model now but still seems to pack a punch with my Sony 1070.

Music seems quite good (when sub is used for that) and so do films. Pretty tight and where all the thumps, booms and bumps should be.

Am I missing out on anything much at the moment (sound, technology wise) compared to other sub's?

Not sure what I'm looking to do at the moment, just tossing around a few ideas.

Any help or opinion would be great




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If you are happy with it then you've perhaps answered your own question. However...

Yamaha subs do not have a good reputation. I asked about them on this forum when I was looking around and the prevailing opinion was that you could do a lot better for your money. I was recommended the BK XLS200 which one person IIRC had bought to replace a SW150 and they said it was a substantial improvement. I am certainly happy with the XLS200.

If you want enormous bass the BK Monolith or one of the SVS's receive very good comments. But another step up in price of course...PJ


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I use to have an SW-80 sub and was quite happy with it. Then I started to read other comments regarding different subs, so I thought it’s time to upgrade. I brought a XLS 200 and what a difference, the sound is light years ahead of the Yamaha, you immediately hear the difference.

If you are considering a new sub, I would recommend the XLS200.

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