Question Yamaha YSP5600 or Onkyo LS7200 - which one??

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to this forum and would like some advice to help me choose which system I should buy to go with my new OLED TV.

    I currently have a Bose Cinemate GS II 2.1 system and it just isn’t up to the job anymore, especially now we have Dolby ATMOS and DTSX amongst other audio visual developments that have all happened since I bought my Bose system back in 2010.

    I have narrowed my choices down to the Yamaha or the Onkyo but I just can’t decide which one to go for. I originally was going to grab myself the new Sony HT-ZF9 with the matching rears, however I have been into my nearest Sevenoaks Sound & Vision store and listened to it in their home theatre room and decided that it’s not that great. For starters, it’s doesn’t have a very wide sound field and secondly, it doesn’t have enough inputs for my liking.
    They happened to have the Yamaha 5600 available to listen to during the same visit and it beats the Sony hands down and that was without it being connected to a sub. (Yes the Bass wasn’t as deep, but it comes with a wireless kit and I still have a 300mm Sony Sub from an old 5.1 system I had from years ago, so I can utilise that)
    I have read through the various comments and real world experiences on here for the Onkyo, but there aren’t the same kinds of reviews and comments available for the Yamaha - that I’ve found anyways.

    So, I’m posing the question:

    If it were you, which would you go for? I’m leaning towards the Yamaha, but that’s more because I’ve actually listened to it in the ‘flesh’.

    Thanks in advance for people’s help,and advice. It will definitely be appreciated.

    Cheers, Michael

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